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Doesn't get enough credit even though we had those great players other coaches had this great players and couldn't win right. I think phil is a much better and his record shows it. Nba coach gregg popovich. Much better and yet. I think if you ask most media types because pop is pop. They would vote for pineville was aloof and he didn't always talk to. Everybody and i think they would side with phil. But i think if you if you judge them by their record and that i think they went head. They compete against each other in their prime and they met in five series when they were going head to head each other when when pop head dunkin and ginobili and parker and shack had our fill had kobe and check and then kobe and powell phil was four. And one head to head in playoff series against pop. So that's interesting question. What you originally said about phil. Greatest professional sports head coach or manager of all time. Yeah the the people that would be. John wooden would be the other guy that you would argue. I would put bill belichick there. Even though a six titles randomness to the nfl that is impossible to duplicate. Nobody has done anything close in. I don't even think there's been a super bowl. Repeat other than new england in years and years. I mean you'd have to go back to the cowboys in the nineties. Yeah i mean he. What he has done is an i. You know the guy. I hate the patriots. And all that stuff but i mean it's hard to deny what he was able to do there now there again. You've got the question will. How much was was bill belichick. And how much was tom. Brady and tom brady leaves and they go in a world championship. There's that there's that weird. Divide but i would put bella check as the best professional coach of all time by the way. If you're going to come out of youth red auerbach let me do a little preemptive thing you know read won ten titles in eleven years but filled won eleven titles and he did it with two different teams and read. Did it at a time where you could kind of control. The players you know read was great as an executive. Maybe the the only thing that really disappoints me about fills career is that he has no coaching tree. Yeah when he went the kind of system went with them. You could argue steve. Kerr is part of his coaching tree. Or yeah you can make that case but but other than that you know the guys his assistance that you think would have gone onto hugely successful careers for whatever reason haven't and pops pops trees pretty good. Listen fifteen minutes. We've got game a game games. It is my game today. Which means i cannot win and i'll be gone all next week so i will be buried by the time i get back by the way i with jorges win last month. You're the only guy in the show who's never won a month. I think that's correct. Like ramona and michael in those. I should start taking this seriously. I i really should starting to get embarrassing coming up. Next hines hines is going to change the way we hotdogs forever. Have you heard of this story. No i will explain it coming up for you. Next mason. Ireland seven ten. Espn there were a lot of really cool. People there last night at the morale is went up to them all and made sure to specifically ask them. What are you an instagram. Well here's the stupid thing about it. So i'm standing there with morales. What are they going to say. Other than my favorite show is mason and ireland point. of course it is all right so John you ever notice hotdogs and buns don't match. Have you ever noticed this well especially if you get like the long dodger dog size. Here's here's what i'm talking about. Hot dogs come in packages of ten k. packages twelve rite aid packages of eight. Who they'll what gene is. You always need to buy two bags of buns to be able to cover ten hotdogs then. You're stuck with six hotdogs six months that you don't frigging care about. That's an outrage. Now that i you explain it that way do you want to know why. Actually yeah okay. So when they first started making hot dogs they. They were named by their weight. So i guess they said the ones that were in. The grocery store are about ten to the pound so one dog usually weighs about one point. Six ounces. so ten became the magic number to get a pound of hot dogs. So that's why they're sold in tents and then the buns are sold in packs of eight because a traditional bun bread pan comes with eight slots in it So that's why we can certainly modernize this process now through amazing technology. And i think it's time for big bun to get serious about this one. Big oil this is big bun okay. Big tax big bun big bun starts to and and hines has put out. They make hotdogs. Heinz ketchup has put out a a huge poll. A whole huge What do you call it a huge pole. Yeah yes it's a poll it's a poll and people are signing petitions trying to get big bun to make the number of buns in the package matched the number of hot dogs in the package. Does that not make sense. I'm not sure so. How many white now. How many packages are already out there. That have ten bucks all none of them. None.

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