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Who's like standing there with his arms crossed like no, I will not battle for this position. Well, they're going. They're going spread. So I'm interested to see what happens with the tight ends. Because we got some really great recruits Brevin Jordan of phenomenal freshman season all conference freshman will Mallory was a high profile recruit at the tide position. They got another good recruit. At the tight end position. That's not really with the spread offense is known for him up wide. We're back. No. We're not back until we beat Florida. Not back until we'd be Florida. You have much confidence. They're going to do that. Dude. Florida's good. That's good. Florida's good. Here's the rub Florida's good. And I don't know what to expect from Miami. Because I don't know the the the style that they're gonna play. I don't know what this coaching staff is gonna do. We lost a lot of great players in that secondary a lot of leadership into Kwan Johnson Sheldrick, red wine. So I'm concerned about the safety. Plus, you guys like the HBO real sports piece that they did on Manny that Andrew Kramer did on Manny. Because they're telling the story of a Cuban American coach who doesn't know any Spanish all he knows is way low Ella. That's all he knows how to say. Infant might dude. My dude, I'm right there with him. Although I'm listening to a lot of j Galvin lately. And I I know a lot of words like Negocios socio. I don't think that's a word. I think that's business Powell in two words. Well that right. Yeah. And Negocios socio. He does that a lot. His thing. And he always such. Like, it's just like his name. I liked that part of the big bad bunny fan as you know, old on. None of you guys saw the HBO real sports special. I don't sit down and watch TV the same way. I understand that. But I didn't even know what happened at any time in my history knowing university of Miami. If the coaches on one of those national shows where they're profiling the people who are interested in the program are interested in that show. There's no reason to have Manny Garcia on a National Pro-Am any excuse me. Many. There's no reason to have many D as on a national sports program unless you're just doing the Cuban-American angle. What other reason is there? I mean, he left temple and that sent shockwaves throughout the nation. No, maybe because of his appearance with people. They wanted to really am down. Guys are way too hard on. That's why I didn't watch the piece. I'm like, he was no honestly didn't know. I honestly I knew that they were working on a piece. I didn't know that had already. Aired guy didn't see anything on Twitter about it. Sounds like ruin the end of it. Then you didn't speak Spanish, he doesn't speak Spanish. Well. His grandmother says all he knows is well aware we learned that when he was with people. What are you going to do about that, Dan when you have children? How are we gonna pass down? Spanish. Yeah. Yeah. That's how I learned it. That's how I learned Spanish just because my grandmother didn't speak English, and she was living with it. But that's the same thing with me. Like, I spoke Spanish because my gra- I'd go to my grandparents house, and I speak to them in Spanish than and go home, and it speak English. But I don't foresee myself speaking tons of Spanish, and if I do then they're gonna have broken Spanish. So how do we pass down the language? Dan, Bauer is studying Spanish right now. So that we can speak Spanish in the hell. Yeah. You got to get them to listen to Jay Alvin because actually span with your children. That's exactly what you Spanish was actually my first language. I was fluent in until about three, and then I stopped going no myabe without either as much, and then I totally forgot it. So you got to you have to hammer the send that's fairly amazing, Mike that what you got from your grandmother was Cleveland Browns fandom, but not Spanish, I got it from her, and then I stopped going as much this we either. Although I know a lot more Spanish today than I did maybe last year because I'm listening to a lot of Spanish music, given to give him one thing you should have lost from your..

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