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We have the privilege to come together to do these things as a as a group, and and celebrate each other, and you know like I. I do I do miss that stuff. Which is why Ron Perlman's home karaoke show is going to tide me over until this is all over while I won't be the same as if you see it in a bar Nella no. an you know you've got some Aso China, six out show and Felix Alexia left some fallen off a barstool. Maybe. The Fun I mean I could probably figure out how to get that in to my home. Version some. I have. Friends who are happy to fall for bars still. Time. You know we could cut it together in a way like if you've got a couple of different people and Zoom Zoom. You could sort of cut it to where you're kind of like. Nodding to different people in the quote Ruma, and then we just sort of cut in like the guy falling off the still at the Bar, a guy passing out at a table, no two people arguing the bacteria. We cut all that together right. Oh, yeah! there. We have people. Is there anything you know I kind of I have like I've enjoyed kind of ending the. podcast episodes on. You know the most hopeful note possible for folks you know supposed. Come to the wrong guy. I don't believe that. Not Higher I believe it I believe you're Optimus, I believe that you believe in the good of everything and I know that. I know that I do believe I think you. You seem like a hopeful person like you hope for the best for for the world. What it! What are you hopeful about now? What's bringing you joy? Joy. Jesus. Joe a what's bring me joy. You know I I can't. I can't characterize. the overriding. Sentiments. Of anything good. You're taking out obese times as joyful because there's just there's just too much reckoning That's happening right now. Right, but the what's going on the streets? You know reckoning of before hundred years. No original.

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