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This new development to tell you about breaking ground in southeast DC just this week developers hoping it will bring hundreds of jobs to the neighborhood he M. okay gateway has been designed to be a combination of office retail and community space at one of the most prominent intersections in historic Anacostia and one for whom cyber security firm in lightened in downtown DC tells NBC for he's looking forward to moving a hundred and fifty of his employees to the company's new headquarters east of the river I grew up in underserved communities so for me it's no different than where I grew up and quite candidly I wanted to be in the community to spark this the mayor's office selected the main key to group an enlightened to lead the development of the M. okay gateway back in twenty sixteen Andrea Cameron WTOP news zero nine months might seem far off too many of us but what it involves millions needing to get something done maybe not so much adjustments remade we here to help you get a real ID by the October deadline faces been leased people hired and workstations are now operational Maryland motor vehicle administration in Gaithersburg has doubled the number of real ID's it can process at the walnut hill shopping center branch with the new annex that open next door it's for people who make an appointment to get a real ID a similar expansion also happened in Colombia a sign up for an appointment at any M. V. a branch in the guarantee is you won't wait longer than fifteen minutes Kristy king WTOP news WTOP Friday forty to fifty two more energy many users Maureen he's one of our most exciting young actors with the black Panthers one of his big movies Michael B. Jordan taking on the death penalty and a brand new courtroom John drama and it is titled just mercy a Harvard law grad moved to Alabama to defend a wrongly convicted men on death row Oscar winner Jamie Foxx reminds us of his dramatic chops giving a SAG nominated performance that recalls Denzel Washington in the hurricane meanwhile Michael B. Jordan because dense as lawyer in Philadelphia not only trying to win a case but win a moral argument brie Larson assist says his legal colleague marking her third collaboration with filmmaker destin day crescent after short term twelve in the glass castle the script is earnest and the pacing is procedural but I found it to be a moving throwback the film suggests the issue of capital punishment is complex but the solution is simple just and everything at the film critic Jason Frehley giving just mercy three and a half out of four stars what is the WTOP app simple first of.

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