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Confidently wrongs go with your heart yeah so the sandlot twenty fifth anniversary blu ray is out now i was want to throw that out there and if you haven't purchased it you really should because i'll go pick one up it's a really good movie it really is and it's so much fun house you guys today's something that like i wish i could go back in time and tell myself like in just a scant few years if you plug away at it you get to hang out in studio these sam i was smalls and ham and it's so much fun thanks great yeah thank you so much we'll be back tomorrow next week we usually tape on mondays because when it come by crain spot for you we'll have some more questions for you again tom gary victim to matia and patrick renna the stars of the samlot hitting it out of the park once again thanks guys thanks that was so fun it was so fine i'm it was different being the only the only girl i know i felt luckily those guys they're super cool not super like you know kind of thing very nice gentle dudes but i did feel bad that you're outnumbered well i mean like you said they were they were like very much like gentlemen and so kind and sweet and i do i like that they were all married and i liked that all the guys i'm surrounded by our great stand up married men yeah yeah i mean i like to think of myself as a stand up married most stood up mary i am the most it up yeah i know i hope that we're you know i like to think that mark and i are trying to set a good example i mean i think that's why i think that's a why especially when i read the comments on the facebook group why our listeners love y'all so much because there is something to it being.

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