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Okay. Here's the article by michelle voelpel police in in the in the show notes for you but this is about dawn staley when asked for the olympics if she would consider a second go round as usa women's basketball head coach dawn. Staley said jokingly that she needed to win in tokyo before even thinking about that now. The team usa has secured its seventh consecutive olympic gold medal. Staley has answered. Staley had an answer. Sunday i'm done. Staley smiled as she said it. In the americans post game news conference and was asked by. Us guard diana terachi. Does that feel good on guard. Sue bird diana terachi. One fifth olympic gold medal also confirmed that this will be here last olympics but she had said that even before going to tokyo to rossio on the other hand said you in paris which is the site of the twenty twenty four olympics though it was unclear whether she was joking. Or not okay. I played the clips in the first block in a black for you from sue. Bird dawn staley. Oh gosh i'm really like emotional about the dawn staley news but this is what i wanted to bring to your attention because i unclear about this as well And here's i'm just gonna read the last paragraph of this staley's departure means there will be all new leadership for the us women's basketball program by the next major competition. The twenty twenty two world cup national team director. Carol callan who has overseen the program since ninety nineteen ninety-five announced in july that she was stepping down from that role although she will still continue as prevot president of fiba americas so now carol callan is involved with fiba and it was feeble ultimately. If i'm not mistaken that said no to neka agoo mckay. I don't know if it was to be america's so here's the article former wnba mvp neck. Ogle mckay was notified by fiba that her petition to play for her native nigeria in the upcoming tokyo olympics was denied due to quote substantial involvement for more than ten years with us team usa sources. Toll espn wednesday. The nigerian basketball federation filed an appeal too feeble on behalf of good mckay and elizabeth williams zealander dream center who was also denied because of previous involvement with team usa. The federation wrote that yoga mckay and williams were quote. Two of the top players that would have made our team one of the strongest at the games. That's the nigerian federation wrote that. So i don't know. I just thought it was interesting That piece but speaking of neck agoo mckay. Let's go to her conversation at The la sparks media availability. So we're getting media availabilities in case you can't Tell why just gave you Media availabilities from the olympics. But we're going to hear from the sparks you're also going to hear from the mystics because there's some news there and Yeah lots of news but neka ogm mckay got emotional during her media. Avail the other day when asked about just reacting to everything that's happened regarding not making the us team the petition. Not being accepted for her. To play for nigeria. So here's a little taste of that. It's been a lot of like trying to figure out how to how i want to come out of this. You know because. I think when you endure situations that are tough in life you can choose any differ roads and their stages. You know and so now i just. I'm just really grateful to be playing with my team. You know. I'm grateful to be on a team with people that care about me And i just wanna play. I just want to play basketball. And i you know they always say like situations in trials you know you you. You grow stronger In what is inside of you is kind of like exacerbated. And so i would like to say that out of that like i've always been described as resilient and i think i had to kind of tell myself that a lot to make sure that i believed it because it's been a few weeks of feeling on invaluable or unworthy and so like it's been very difficult. I'm sorry i swear i wasn't good. It's been very difficult. So i just wanna play basketball. Oh sorry i just want to play and have fun and emotional neck. Oga mckay again. There's been a blemish on usa basketball for quite some time. This was a hard olympics It ended with a medal. It ended with two players making history with coach. The deserves so much more than she will likely get Brand stewards the mvp of the tournament. I don't know how was it. Asia wilson and even brittany griner really had a great a fantastic gold medal game Has me eating my words. it's just a lot. It's exhausting I did not obviously go through. What neka has gone through. But i feel her emotion and so many other things that we've had to endure sushi's emotional for a lot of reasons. I'm sure but i from what i heard her saying is that she's glad to return to the court and to be with her. La sparks team and to return in a space senate away where she knows that she's valued because when you're not playing and you're in the middle of turmoil as neka was unsure. It's hard to to hang on to all of the good. And i just imagine what it must take tanakh neck. Ogle mckay off of confidence. I mean that just baffles my mind. But we're not gonna we're going to end on what we hope is a lighter. Note someone else that did not make the twenty twenty twenty twenty. One team is atlanta della. Promising future once. She can stay healthy it which she has not been able to do but we're going to hear some updates on linda de you know had a fantastic tournament. Emma amon. her numbers are up there. With asia. wilson. With brian stewart. You know us to do is another player. And they played fewer games because they got knocked out sooner so But we're going to hear from the washington mystics about elena della don end a little bit about.

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