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Because it's so massive, it stifles competition. Facebook calls the forced break up Challenge revisionist history. You're listening to ABC News. 6 10 is a time. Let's get a check on traffic right now. With Brian Nobles CL. It's rolling on the Thursday morning. Good morning, Brian. Good morning. We do have our problems Locally. North bound high five, just past Richard's Boulevard, got an accident, An SUV and a big rig lane is blocked at least one lane. Don't don't have specifics as to which one but nonetheless, traffic is backed up almost all the way to J Street on North down the I five CHP and an ambulance or headed there if you're coming in from Woodland on high five County Road, 102. And an overturned big rig right lanes. Washington B Block Till about 28 or nine this morning happened about 2 30 did wind up on fire traffic is backing up well in the woodland Now in south on I five super commuters headed westbound on Santa Ana 9522 or five and 5 80 out of the Bay Area. First Slow down happens just a little past mount in the house on 205 slowing tapers off Once you get past Grant Line Road on 5 85, You're going to find some mild stuff off and on all the way to the top of the past Safe Way, is the largest buyer of Northern California. Local products. Stop in this week and get large honey crisp apples for a dollar 68 per pound plus six ounce containers of sweet raspberry blackberries and blueberries are buy one. Get one free with club card traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons news 93.1 kfbk Today Sunny with a high near 64 degrees tonight, mostly clear with lows in the thirties tomorrow. Funny in the A. M. With highs around 55, then increasing clouds will have a chance.

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