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Com and lake is a powerhouse of comedic and creative brilliance. And it if you you have any poll to get involved in a creative endeavor. I think you'll enjoy this extra. Enjoy this podcast and also just enjoy lake bell as a human being because there's just a lot of really great stuff in here about embracing who you are playing to your strengths. Finding out the kinds of things that you're passionate about all those just those unique things that make you and help you establish your voice and then also just kind of going out there and making it happen so lake is not only hilarious but also incredibly inspirational as a creator so I was really really glad to sit down and talk with her. We've had we have a lot of the same mutual friends and we've been in a lot of the same things and we've actually never got a full conversation so now I'm happy to they say that we've become friends after this podcast and I'm so glad that we did. This is the podcast number ten thirty with Lake Bell. Initiate in April mm-hmm. I ah got a credit LIZ. Wallpaper and Curtin game is insane. Walls of the fixtures that Chevalier whatever is the the fixtures I did pick out the fixtures gray and the logs adding very classy. Thanks thank you yeah. It's a fun it's it's just fun. It's because I feel like what not everybody takes time and effort to kind of make their environments. I you know what it is like bill. I think it's what we do is it's very hard to the when you're a performer..

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