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Offers in March. 1st 2021 Moretz Kia, the best name in the business back by the best warranty in the business. Las Vegas trail that I 30 in West Fort Worth Highway 10 at Lupe 20 and Hearst and Golden Triangle it I 35 an alliance. We're back. We're talking today with Corey Watson. Her brother. Will Churchill with Frank can auto group because of the fact They bought another store, a Cadillacs or this time, so it's not like it's it's like we have some. We have a little bit of family experience dealing and Cadillacs. We had a baby. It was a Cadillac. Yep, I can hardly wait to see the reconstruction surgery on that. Cory's in charge of the reconstruction surgery. No, she's in charge of the giant. So you bought the old Moritz Cadillac in Arlington? Yes, which I met Dave Moritz for the very first time, Believe it or not. Just a few months ago. I've never met him. I don't think Korea's heaven either. Boy. Let me tell you how long I've heard about Dave Moore. It's 75 1975. I'm in Henry, but souls Because he had come to town and from day one. Everybody said, this guy is a real prince of the guy in the car business. I'm over with heartache one day talking to him about some issues that at the merch store West Fort Worth guy comes in, introduces himself. I say I'm Ed Wallace and he said, You know, I bought some dealerships from Ed Wallace once. It's interesting, huh? Yeah. Did you know that? No, Because I I thought it was C McNatt family who bought it from Henry, but because he used to be the old Cadillac dealer in Arlington. He sold that go to the parkway and build that beautiful policy built out there. And I I said, I understood you that, McNatt says. I put it on Lee on the stores for like, six months before they bought him. He's in. I bought it from guy name Ed Wallace. Wow. What a zoo riveting. No, it was cosmic. Yeah, but literally my embarrassment. Woz. I have heard nothing but incredible things about him for 45 years. It's not like Hardy hadn't been on the show for 20 years and all sudden, Here's Dave Marie. It's because he's energy supply. Sam. Dave. I said I, Ed Wallace, Dave. He goes Dave Moritz. Wow. What? There was a point. His Cadillac story had a good reputation. Right, Frank into very good. That's right. Yep, that's great. Everybody said he was just a great guy still is right. So my point is now you guys have to resurrect it. Absolutely. Yeah. So you're going to move the store? We are not not at first focuses his own Collins just north of 30. Probably third quarter 2022 is when the story gets moved. Will takes us back to your explaining to me where you're moving it to, uh I know where it is, because it's gonna be Collins and 20, Collins and 20. And it's just we found five acres that happened to sit in GM financials parking lot. When you told me it was next to GM Financial? I said just west of the water burger, huh? That's because the jack in the box there doesn't do that much business, folks. Yeah, but they got a Starbucks in the water burger. So I mean, what more do you need A have sonny catty corner across the street. That's a shame. I should know all this stuff, right? But they also have highly mas to their during Lancaster's across the corner classic Buick GMC on, but I looked there. I drove it again. I saw the acreage just like you don't even need a phone. You don't need anything for Jim, a financial You can tie your credit APS to rock and throw it. You run to the window drones it just climb over. Drop him. Send him back. It would be great. Yeah. You don't need a drone. That's a perfectly good waste of 35 Ft of armed 10. But we are gonna build another store and we're gonna move into South Arlington correct on one of the great ironies of doing this is there Wasn't that one that long ago 20 years ago. All the manufacturers said we need to leave South Arlington because it's dead. Right Right now. That's where they because we did a study and we said, Look, Think of this is an open point. Do we go to North Fort Worth? We go to Mansfield or do we go to South Arlington and GM cattle? I came back after doing a market study and said South Arlington is the place to be. That's where the hell out of me. GM told me that there are partner we trust him on this one. See if this rings a bell? Oh, no. Here we go. The factory people are very nice. They're not necessarily your friend, huh? I've heard that before. I know you have because you got it from the same place. I got it absolutely again, folks. That's not picking on factory people. They have an agenda. Their job is to keep factories running 100%. And sometimes that Clyde's with dealers, and you're trying to just do solid business because they want you to buy more. In order to the factory to run it, 100%. It is simply the nature of the beast. But that being said you're going to go to South Arlington, which is Absolutely exploded. Correct for dealerships and everything else. In fact, Mark was telling me they're about to do the complete redesign on the mosque store again. Are they? Really? Yeah, they're going to the new design that mas is sad. And I said, Mark, It doesn't seem like that many years ago. Randy had me out here because you remodeled it to this. Yeah, the one. I guess. Jason just did it on the West side of Fort Worth. So that is the new and Myrtle's Burlison. Looks good. Jason did a great job. That is not what it looks so cool about it. Have you been inside? I have not been inside is the coolest design. To a small platform dealership. I think I've ever seen is like walking into your dead by car. Oh, wow. This name it's need. It's comfortable. It's cozy. It's like just nothing. What? You would think an inside of a dealership look like but You just finished remodeling Cadillac store on the West side of town too, didn't you? We did. I noticed. We have the new face up new faces up. Everything is done. This is a joke sometime a few weeks.

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