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It's raised its influence in Hollywood by bankrolling, a growing number of top tier films, China wields enormous influence over how to pick it in the movies Americans. Make and watch. It's part of a broader push by the government to take control of its global narrative and present a friendlier less menacing image of China to the world as they become more oppressive and a lot of Lear to their citizenry, and and oppressing their people. So this is interesting move on the part of China, and it's an interesting move on the part of Hollywood to accept what's going on with China. Yeah. And apparently, one of the one of the consequences of the increasingly tight relationship between Hollywood and China is Alibaba pictures recently, take it at our majority control by Alibaba, a major Chinese company, and I see that I see that now Alibaba and I thought it was a Middle Eastern company. Now, it's Chinese. I see that on movies all the time. Now. There. They've partially backed on the basis of sex much-hyped effort to lionize bring court Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, the movie's official website identifies identifies it as participant media's on the basis of sex in association with Alibaba pictures. Yep. So not not only is it that they're censoring. What is shown to their citizens, but they're affecting their whitewashing our view of China itself right in our movies over here. So even as they imprison Muslims and Christians in their concentration camps. For instance. They have over a million Muslims and concentration camps now and ever increasing tens of thousands of Christians in concentration camps. And now Hollywood's helping them out I mean that almost seems like a match made in heaven as well for Maidenhead. Thank you can't say heaven that would made in hell triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also, this is kind of interesting somebody actually did their job in the media. The US USA today fact checked very gently, of course. But they did fact check on the basis of sex be interesting to see I I haven't read all of the facts that they checked, but I'm kind of. Hoping this is one of them. The word does not appear warrants in the US cost Titian. What is the word freedom? You. So. Neither just the word freedom your honor. Yeah. It does. So we'll see if that's in the in the fact checking, and we'll fact check the USA today. Fact checker coming up here at a second on the basis of sex..

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