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Money and and it goes the inner sisi the of who is currently the head of in our sisi steve divers congressman from ohio is determined the in our cece okay and how long as he has he been there because i'm trying to think steve was just elected last november started in january when was previous was was the head or that something else that gets the republican national committee a great walden from oregon was the previous chair of the national republican congressional committee of the congressional i'm sorry congressional committee okay so so you're saying that this is the corrupting influence and i i mean i again of all the things when i think of corruption washington that the that would have been maybe the last thing i would have thought it but but you're saying that it's something the troubles you to the extent that he bring it up first in an interview that corruption in washington it's one of those things that when i get in front of a small group of republicans and in colorado and i told them that you have to pay to be on a committee and in the more important the committee you to be on the more you have to pay a is get big and and people get mad and and i understand the american public doesn't think government should operate that way well yeah it shouldn't ooh what else is going on in washington that's that's worse than we think you've already given us one very solid example of but what else is happening in in the end why did you write this book what was it that that was that put it on your mind and heart to to put this out i realize pretty.

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