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Concentrated ten percent or so of your brain by weight the dry weight of your brain is the HA yourselves can't talk to one another your neurons can't function you can't make neurotransmitters once you start to replenish your body with coenzyme Q. ten and with these omega threes certainly if you've been the fishing for a long time you can see changes that you won't even believe and it happens very quickly if like a plant that sitting in the darkness it doesn't have any water you put it into the sun you pour the water ran you know within hours it goes from its wilted condition to a beautiful up right plan we've seen those types of changes and people just by putting back the necessary ingredients and their health can be transformed fish oil is doing this now for millions of people across the United States you've got to get it back this is a great way to do it and you get all the other benefits with the plan they're also your cholesterol coenzyme Q. ten really just the great products something purity very proud of we're proud to give it away the people to try and see themselves there is no obligation by the way you can try it and then make a decision we know that if you try this product you'll want to reorder it and you want to take it for a very long time that's how we do this give it a shot Jason tell people what they get here are these tablets are they capsules what should people expect well they're soft shell you can swallow them that's it you just pay a little bit of shipping and handling the beautiful package beautiful little soft gel capsules you get official are by the way we also put vitamin D. three and this product you would not believe the science that coming out on vitamin D. Pat last time we spoke I was telling you that over the next six months you were going to see reports on vitamin D. three that are just going to blow you away but man the stuff that's coming out on vitamin D. and we've actually put five hundred international units of vitamin D. into this product though it's really actually more than a three and one is actually a foreign one because you get to be in here too this is a product you're going to want to take every day I mean these are three very important nutrients that you want to continue to take and use to maintain your health your appearance your energy your vitality every area of your health over time all up try it put to the test see for yourself and experience what we called the miracle of fish oil with these other things it's really just a great product and I implore anyone out there who's ever been thinking of trying fish oil who have any issue with occasional fatigue or low energy gore who just wants to take control of their cholesterol safely and naturally this is the product for you now Jeez and talk to me about omega threes and neck and back pain well university of Pittsburgh a couple years ago showing that fish oil can be used as an alternative if they're worried about occasional back pain or neck pain or those sorts of things were joined concerns fish oil shown in this initial study really a pilot study but shown to be highly effective the highway that study Pat nine out of ten of the people involved in the study said that they wanted to continue using fish oil after the study ended over eight out of ten reported extremely positive benefits Jesus what do you see the skeptic out there who says what's the catch with the free bottle offer here if the stuff is good is this Jason camp claims it is why the given away well because it's so good I don't know is there anyone out there who doubts that omega three fish oils are going to deliver a whole host of benefits members of the flat earth society I might have a hard time convincing them I just we only got a few minutes left it remind people about this cool new B. twelve easy milk formula your including with the free bottle this will make a three super pill yeah you just pay the shipping we'll send you a free bottle of the.

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