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If you are not ready for it, that's your business. It's 7 52 on w N A. L When your celebration of life is prepaid in advance. It becomes a gift from you to your family later, because no one should Dr Plan for a loss while they're experiencing one paying in advance, Protect your loved ones and gives you the peace of mind. You deserve. Let us help you plan every detail with professionalism and compassion. We're Joseph Dollars. Sons LLC Find us at Dignity. Memorial Com Alright, this is Paul MacDonald, owner of almost home senior Care by now you've heard that we specialize in group homes with high level of care for seniors. We're not assisted living, and we're not nursing homes. We are real homes with real caregivers with an amazing caregiver to resident ratio, and I'm proud to announce we're about to open a new location with the one time never to be repeated pre grand opening offer. If your loved one is currently in a big box facility and requires 24 7 private duty care on top of the standard care, provided I have an astounding offer for you. The 1st 20 qualifying new residents. I will guarantee up to an astonishing $100,000 annualized savings over the first year compared to what you're paying now. Conditions obviously apply. Call my team today. Almost home senior care 703 call home The best care I know of, and a great price called 703 Call home Save money. Better care 703 call home. I'm Mark Livingstone with Cornerstone First Financial and you routinely hear me on this very station talking about the success we've had as the region's most competitive mortgage lender. Thought you'd like to hear it from someone else for a change. I'm Oscar Santana National talk show host an entrepreneur in the world of broadcasting, as in the world of startups. Speed is everything. What I loved about marking. The guy's a cornerstone there, guarantee made sure that I got to closing on time and I couldn't be happier. They guaranteed the best rate. They actually told me to go. Look for a better rate. I went out. Talk to some banks. Nobody could beat marks rate their guarantee made sure that I had a.

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