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March on saturday let's start up at at the top rob in virginia you're on wma l hello hub all right let's go to deb in maryland you're on wma all the things that does through your mind but what i want to say is you know i can't stand followers powers they want to be in the click and that's what this reminds me of so when i go to costco and i've been with costco for a long time they switched from their expressed to citibank which irked me but okay so i pay it off every month anyway i'm just going to write a check from allan thank my money i use my debit card there are ways around this deb and it's not it's not costco 'cause it's it's citibank costco just happens to have chosen to bank with them for their own reasons of their bottom line you can't blame them for that maybe they'll change now this just happened this morning but people saying i wanna cancel my costco members it's not costco it's it's their bank but either way don't we have a toy citibank you're out sears sears credit points i get i pay my balance off every month i get a lot of points from both places they're not i'm calling them and i'm going to let them know how i feel citibank that is i'm going to let them know i'm paying with a cheque from now on because we still have rights in the united states even though people are trying to take them away and i can't stand it when people with how this country was formed although so many people don't know it they gave their life liberty and the possible life of their wife and children and people will be wimpy it's it's really hard for me to abide i just can't stand it if you don't take a stand sooner or later you're just going to have to get used to sitting and everybody else will walk all over you i appreciate the call we'll be right back one nine fm and am six thirty washington w a l gets any car lovers heart racing but this sound doesn't come from just any car or any car dealership this is.

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