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Pierre said to make a change in leadership this week, a vote is expected Wednesday in the House Republican Conference to remove conference chair Liz Cheney from her leadership post. It's ludicrous. She's having to defend herself like that's insane. Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger does not back Cheney's ouster but told the National Press Club Chinese refusal to go along with election fraud claims does put her at odds with former president Trump another house Republican leaders. This party is in a bad place. We've got a lot of work to do, I'm I am committed to one thing to telling people the truth, House Republican leaders chaining his focus too much on the 2020 election. And question her ability to help win back the majority next year on Capitol Hill Jerk Halpern Fox News. Same horse trainer Bob Baffert is defending himself after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit tested positive for a steroid sometimes used to treat inflammation never thought Have to be fighting for my reputation and this poor horses reputation. Because of the new regulations. The regulators have put their testing these horses at contaminated level that for it has been banned temporarily from Churchill Downs where the therapies held. He's promising to be transparent with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission. Churchill Downs, officials say If the rulings upheld Medina spirit would be stripped of the wind. Baffert says the horse could have been contaminated by being out in the open after the Derby was held. Houston Police are looking for a man whose Tiger was found wandering around a residential area. Last night Video shows an armed off duty Waller County sheriff coming face to face with the big cat, and he's heard yelling to the caretaker to get the tiger inside. The tiger was corralled back inside the hole. No shots were fired, but the man quickly rushed away in a jeep with the tiger inside.

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