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You I guess I could say I mean. So obviously, she's been writing these books for more than twenty five years. This is the twenty seventh novel in the Series Laurel K Hamilton is a bestselling writer, New York Times Bestseller. People all over the world. Love Love love these books and have for very long time I. See a lot of myself in the character of Anita lot of ways were super. But in a lot of ways were really the same I've always appreciated that she was an assertive strong female that spoke her mind that she was very capable as the books have gone. On in the series of gone on, she's opened up a lot and she's more vulnerable and she's embraced her insecurity. She's embracing her mental health really really incredible stuff. She's found love as she's found love with multiple people. Her character is poly-amorous, which is really cool. You don't get to see that a lot I. it's not common books to see that that viewpoint no and. She is in love with people who are not. You know fully human there where people like him thrope. Big. Word. I cannot say empires were wills. On all that stuff and I. I'm not poly-amorous Scott's poly-amorous. We don't know enough to say that like Oh this is just the most wonderful representation of polly emery but I like the way it is depicted in these books. It makes me feel a lot of love for these characters and I want them to be happy and be happy with each other and I think that's what really matters at the end of the day. Right? I agree yeah, I. Think you know coming into this fresh I knew some stuff about the series. Because of you and then going into this book, I did spend a little bit of time on Wikipedia kind of catch up on exactly who these characters were. Yeah. But not a lot of time on that and I I have to say wikipedia doesn't do her relationships justice when you read the Quick Synopsis, Synopsis Sees No any wicky you find out there. It's like it'll be good to Kinda like give you a crash course. Yes. Yeah. But you know wikipedia makes it sound kind of Harem Ish. And there is a bit of a fun level of Hamish of Harem this this in it, but it's not it's not the the complete harem fantasy that the wick the wikipedia kind of makes it sound like it actually is very sweet and the characters are very honest and open and trust each other and I think that that's really really powerful to see and it's it's it's nice. Yes. Very very cool and as the series has gone on. Anita has you know collected all these people and characters in her life and enemies, and she's developed other sorts of powers as time has gone on one it's really really interesting is called the door which is kind of hard to describe. But for the most part have been found only in vampires until Anita kind of developed, it caught it I don't know what exactly to say but it's A sexual power that allows her to feed from other supernatural creatures and humans, and of course, that's going to make her relationships and the you know kind of sexual erotic scenes way more interesting frankly. And supernatural I'm not a huge romance reader as you guys have probably noticed even when like I mean it's not really one of our Jonah's that we focus on here John Junkies and so I'm Kinda like picky about my romance that I like but I like the way Laurel K and her characters handled their romance. It's it's fun Romp Times. But make no mistake a lot of the books including Sucker Punch really really focus on the mystery, the fantasy, the horror, the creepy nece at May I just say to these books have gotten even funnier time have gone on I just I. Love How much of her sense of humor she's putting into these books fantastic. Yeah. So Anita job is a martial she's a she's a supernatural Marshall. Now I don't know if I even said that there's so much to recap. Well, let me say this because I am not as privy to all of the changes that have happened but this book does a really good job of catching you up without it being a whole bunch of exposition. You know she talks about her her history is being originally one of the vampire hunters and being one of the four horsemen and how things have changed, and now she's her job is I guess quote unquote a little bit more legitimate. Yeah. It's a little bit more of like a like a really A. Government arm, but it's you know I. Think I. Want to say this because I have read none of the other books if you're interested in this at all by all means, you can start at number one, but don't be afraid to go ahead and jump in at at Sucker Punch I, think that this book stands R- up really well on its own and like how rare is that in a series this in depth there's like sway shorter series where you can't do that. So it's actually really inclusive and cool that she writes her book that way and we talk about it in the interview we do. So I WANNA, talk about my experience with this with the book. This was an absolute page Turner from me Injury Really Long Book. Like it's almost six hundred pages in its hardcover edition, which for me is is an epic novel. While at first looking at it I was I was. Ethical intimidated blew I blew through this book guys it is such a fun fast paced read and it's that kind of fast paced where you know when you're reading a book and you just you're you're just devouring it ends and you're like I want I want like two hundred more pages of this. This gives it to you and it doesn't really ever let up and I really I was really impressed and surprised by that. I think. That is so cool to hear. You say that for me, this was absolutely a page turner solid solid page Turner, and I was super happy with it. It's wonderful to get to see old friends, which is what it's like when you have been with the series for so long is these are old friends of yours and my favorite character in the Book Edward He's Imas Book. So that was like, yes, I was super stoked to see him. Yes. She does a great job of giving you a lot of back story but like what's relevant like is there are lots of characters and lots of moving pieces in the series. So it's like okay and another book that has more these folks in it should give you a little bit more.

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