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Guy. Mike's mom it was amazing. Because i heard advise him like that's going to be very david and it is in the car like it was early on when that adds off. Yeah but yeah. I don't think he'd want to be around me. But i still love him. I learned a long time ago. That you if you have to learn to separate you have to be able to like comic. That maybe isn't friendly or that you need and because if you base it on them being nice but there's a lot of nice comics out there that aren't funny at the same time you know it's it's you have to learn separate him otherwise you'd end up you know people are always asking me like how is this person. I just one answer. Because i want you to like that right. I like the comic. I just don't wanna be around them right. There was a lot of happening when i first moved here. I feel because i'm not a comic. I feel a little nervous around comedians for the first time especially ones that i've seen their work work and i really love their work but then i meet them in my goal. I've just set this goal is like i'm just going to be nice as i can get everything they need. Just be like easy. Just want this to be easy honoration for them. Yeah don't talk to him too much. Maybe they got they want get their head. they want. think about things because otherwise. I think i've had moments where i'm like. I don't wanna meet this person. 'cause i kinda put him on a pedestal right. And you don't wanna do that. Don't care heroes your heroes just a comic down the street like meet him fucking ruins you other times. It's always fun to be surprised and have them be. Yeah the sweetest person ever like at sarah silverman or something where it's like. Oh you're also the nicest like there's just people like that too awesome But yeah you gotta learn to like the stand up of assholes. Don't tell me. I'm not looking better. I love chelsea. Pretty but i feel like she would not like me or not being nice to me shoes. The bet. yeah yeah. And and. I don't think she likes me either but she she does a good job. Nafta like understand up does a good job though of making like fans be like she probably won't like me an attitude but that's okay. I think she's her. Podcast you oh. I haven't it. I don't even know if she doesn't anymore but that was one podcast that guy into like. Wow this is amazing. Yeah we did Split week in san francisco once and we had so much fun and we were friends. But it's been so long you know vice are now which she'd probably see me and look away and i wouldn't bother you know it's also you just like you can't be maintained. A friendship with everyone right you wanted to you had mentioned earlier about. He pointed his finger and she grabbed the finger. I'm here to describe the thing now. They're poking each other. She did a ghost. Twenty twenty. sterry didn't actually touch his teddy now. She's got oh moves horns but she put her hands down now. She looks like a baseball official. Play-by-play again you were gonna ask him fuck. Mary kills yes. I wanted to ask you fuck mary or kill camel. Conan comedy central oak. Kimmel's the best. I love him so you marry him. That'd be married though. You just told us well. Yeah you didn't. i'm i like. I'm attracted to women you only gave you gave me a tv show in two dudes to have sex with We your atlanta story so I guess i'll go to comedy central on. Just stick my dick in the mail slot and be like. Why don't you send me more money in then all kill coning because no no because he shows got canceled. Someone asked cancelled or just quit. I think they're gonna do like a podcast. He's hbo and fired a bunch of my friends from being writers from it so kill him and Camel meriem yeah. Yeah yeah. He's just great. He used to date sarah silverman and they she'd have. These parties need to be there just with an apron give people or nerves and he's just fucking nice. I like things he says. I feel like. He is on the right side of politics and he's compassionate person and one time sarah gave tag i think she got all new bedding and furniture and gave tag the old stuff and tig gave it to me and so i got a nice down comforter i still use it later all of this stuff like a nice day and because i had shitty. Please bring that when you see sarah again. Well i i've got your funny thing was. Yeah i don't even know that. Well i did warm up on her. That's god god love. i love you. America yeah yeah i actually went to. Yeah and i wasn't doing more. No probably jimmy pardo. Leon yeah he he did it more than me but for a while is doing but no. She's the best and they of course aren't a couple anymore but He win that happen. I was again at a light instead of this time. I heard the light tapping it. Wasn't larry david but it was kim. My name dropping brought it up. Roll down the window. He's like how do you like the bedspread. That's what the the deve am. I oh it's great all right see ya. I don't even know they knew my name. You leave roommate at the time. And he's like new. That i ended up with the bedding. He drives contract hong kong. Hey on his way like the el capitan. Going to go to work to be the biggest guy on tv. And he's like. Oh i have to say how do you like the good thumbs up. Great drove off. It's not like loves us. I'm going to kill him. Fuck him. I don't know what a nice man i'm gonna kill him or fucking in this very bad and then marry sarah silverman. Yeah he pulls into the el capitan. Let's go bomb bomb. I don't know how they're selling. There is a youtube bowl moment. Where the guy I think he's doing that song now. It's some guy that rifkin just often. It's the theme song okay..

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