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Maybe I'm being naive and saying that maybe that's a very bold statement. Well, where'd that come from? You know, putting a pull that at whoa! Well despite reports this week, claiming the Austin area hospitals have critically low bed capacity, that's just not true. It's just not true at all. No matter what headline you read on local news media is just not true. That's not me saying it. That's Travis County Health Authority. Dr Mark S. Scott. I see you have plenty of capacity. There was a report yesterday about the ICU Thing of 83 85% capacity. That's normal capacity for ICUs. It's normal. Stop the panic it, Isse. Everything is normal. And the other thing that has happened as a result of this, since we've all been worrying mass. We've all been washing our hands. Some of you are worrying Masto and face guard and gloves and you know a whole condom over your whole body eyes that other things aren't happening. The flu's barely happening. Other sick illnesses are barely happening at all. So yeah. They are not being pushed, he said. Your hospitals and generally still have plenty of space and are still performing elective procedures for a frame of reference on July the 21st There were 490 people hospitalized. And as of this morning only 280 are actually occupying a hospital now, Dr Adler, a doctor s. Scott was asked about the mayor going to combo San Lucas. Did you talk to read it? Did you advise him against that, or Cassie? It's okay. What did you say? Right now we're in a very good situation or hospitals are open and operating normally, and we will continue to monitor that situation. To ensure that we have the capacity that we need. Yeah. There you go. Here's here's Adler. We didn't have specific discussions regarding trips didn't have those discussion didn't talk about trips. We didn't talk about it. We didn't talk about any trips or anything like that. Which is which is kind of which is kind of rude, really, because you have been telling people not to take trips. You have had conversations about not taking trips. Well, he's not gonna get in. You can't tell people not to take trips. You did have those conversations. Doctor's advice has been the same outside is better than inside smaller is better than larger. Even things with masks is better than without mass. All right. So there you go. Did your parents take a trip right after your wedding? By the way, they did They go to Kabo, right? I don't think so. Yeah, Yeah, I think mine went home went to sleep. What is this thing about going on the honeymoon with the kids now? Did the kids go with him? That was their honeymoon. That was the honeymoon. You saw the picture of them getting on the jet. Oh, that's right. Yes, Yes. Yes, Yes. Wow. Hey, honey, We're going to go on this honeymoon with you. What? No, You're not. You're not coming anywhere near okay? Were kind of weird man that is on That is on anyway. Let's talk about that aspect. It is 9 24. Are you spending Maura or less when it comes to Christmas shopping this year, I got to tell you the way that it's looking eyes so far is I will be spending may be the most I've ever spent. Is this pandemic related? No, no, no, it is not pandemic related. It just it's it's more a matter of circumstance. Are you doing it just to make the season a little brighter and no one will fun? Uh, I'm doing it because this woman This woman are you talking about your wife? Did you just refer to your wife? Is this woman who just say that? Did you just say this woman? Pretty sure I'm talking about Kim Kim..

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