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To mate has emergency. Call while locked in a battle for control of the airplane. The trouble started almost immediately after takeoff the plane dove and climbed hundreds of feet in altitude those oscillations of hundreds of feet up and down in a sawtooth like flight path is consistent with how the FAA has described the satellite data that led to the grounding of the max and is completely in line with that of the lion. Aircrash back in October. That was another seven thirty-seven max eight airplane. Ethiopian Airlines flight three to flying from Addis Ababa to Nairobi Kenya. Last Sunday when it crashed just six minutes after takeoff. One hundred fifty seven were killed French aviation officials investigating last week's crash and now pulling information from the aircraft's cockpit voice recorder. They expect to release more details as soon as Monday all of the three hundred forty or so Boeing seven thirty-seven max, eight jetliners in operation around the globe have been grounded after two of them crashed in the. Past six months. ABC news, senior transportation correspondent David curly. As more on what the plane manufacturer and authorities in the US are planning Boeing says it's working on this software enhancement, and that it will be available in the next couple of weeks or the coming weeks is they put the FAA says likely the end of this month US-based Boeing faces the challenge of proving the jets are safe to fly amid suspicions that faulty software might have contributed to the two crashes that killed three hundred forty six people in less than six months Stoughton. Police say they have arrested one of two self-described gypsies who allegedly scammed residents by posing as water department employees in an investigation that is now spanning the east coast. It all started with what appeared to be a simple break in Stoughton. Where people say a man pretending to be a town worker forced his way into a home stolen police chief John McNamara suspects in those conversations identified themselves as members of. The gypsy community. Organized group who commit scams and crimes. Moving quickly throw states on the eastern seaboard law enforcement agencies in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida coming together to help solve this case. A New Jersey man facing several charges after drugs he allegedly possessed caused several officers in Spencer Massachusetts to become ill. Forty eight year old Scott Yager appeared in east.

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