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Past the Penguins against tracks it down on the near Wall plays it back for Rusty comes out with its swoops forced it on the backhand shoots. He scores Brian Rust top shelf on the back end. Power play goal for Pittsburgh, and it's 21 Pence. That's Josh gets off on pens, radio rust with a goal and an assistant. He Crosby had himself two helpers on the afternoon as the Penguins win for the seventh time in nine games. 31 was your final, New Jersey had won two in a row after dropping out of their previous tenant. They fall back in the loss column a little bit earlier today, as well, will play the highlight one of the highlights from this one in the central Division. It was Florida feeding Nashville by a final score off two to nothing. Chris Drinker was in the net Syria, Brodsky has found his game of life. He's got a pretty good role, but Joel decided to go with Chris Draeger. Head of their game tomorrow versus the Tampa Bay Lightning in Trigger with a 21 save shutout. Sasha Bark off scored again for the Panthers and two to nothing victory. You see Sorrows was forced to make 47 saves for Nashville, a beaten twice as well in the two. Nothing final will hear a little bit more from that game coming up a little bit later here in the postgame show, but Florida Now at 44 points will Nashville remains at 27 is we take a look at the central Division standings so of the Lightning after today's went over the Blackhawks remain two points ahead of the Panthers. They're also now four points ahead of Carolina, which is just getting underway against the blue Jackets. They're approaching the midway point of the first period in that one in the Canes and Blue Jackets are scoreless and Columbus win tonight. Draws them even with the Blackhawks at 33 points, because the blue jackets you know I've gotten their stuff together a little bit lately there too, Oh into over their last four, while the Kanes have dropped to Nero after their eight game winning streak. So again scoreless there in the middle of the first period, and by the way, I think I mentioned this earlier that Columbus Blue Jackets in the Black Hawks do have the same number of games following tonight's Jackets contest in Raleigh. So it's not a matter of having games in hand when we look at the point standings between the Blackhawks And the Columbus Blue Jackets. Also in the first period, the Islanders have jumped out to a three to nothing lead on the Flyers. Boy, What a roller coaster. Philadelphia is going through a nine. Nothing loss a couple of nights ago against the Rangers, and they bounced back. And beat the Islanders, who had been red hot Now, in this rematch against the the aisles, New York has jumped out on top three Nothing that about midway through the first period as well. Also in the central, the other contest. Dallas is visiting Detroit. They're midway through the first period at Little Caesars Arena and scoreless so far the stars coming into this one a 25 points. That's only one point better. Then the cellar dwelling Red wings in the central Division. But Detroit has won three of their last four. While the stars they continue scuffling. They just can't seem to get anything together so far this season 36 and three for Dallas over the course of their last 12 contest, so There's a look. You draw the town NHL scoreboard Oh, when we come back, we'll take a look at our next game preview and have some final thoughts after this. Blackhawks 41 loss in Tampa to wind up the six game road trip with one and five record listing the postgame show on 7 20, WGN. Call 1888 farmers to switch and you could save an average of $470 on your auto insurance. That's a lot of money in just a few minutes with savings like that. You could be lounging on an impractical amount of ornate and overpriced throw pillows you bought for your couch. But you won't because you're better with money than that. That's why you're calling us in the first place. Call 1888 Farmers to get a quote today are farmers. He's an amputation. What annual savings Every dated December 2020 100, my former stalker fire insurance exchanges Orfalea products available in every state. Virginia.

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