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Who's who in well the people who don't report so there's gonna there's the cops who they're good obedient surfs and they're doing what they're told. They're getting the vaccination. They've reported that new jobs. That's crazy it's always going to happen. What's wait what's gonna happen. They're gonna they're just going to let all these cops fired. Well they're not going to be quote fired. There'll be placed in a non disciplinary. No pay status. They're going to be told. Hey you aren't being told you can't come to work. We're just not going to pay you if you show see basically so they're not gonna show up throwing a fusion center. Just still spy on your neighbors or something whatever happens. Because of that manpower issue that falls at the mayor's doorstep said the said the police department or their their union spokesman lightfoot. That's the mayor said at a news conference wednesday that the city was quote prepared. Adding that catanzaro was doing a patent disservice to as members every single day by encouraging resistance against the vaccines she said quote if you're not vaccinated you're playing with your life the life of your family the life of your colleagues and members of the public. She said according to the story here chicago like many other. Large cities is required that city employees get vaccinated against corona virus emphasizing that for public facing employees in particular like police officers and firefighters. Vaccinations protect not only the employees. But people from the community law enforcement officers across the country from san francisco to l. a. to denver have resisted vaccine mandates. And even here in keene at a mandate here in keene. But i had a keen police officer stop a few weeks ago. Bonnie and i were having dinner out on. We're outside because it was a nice day out actually was really nice today too but we were just sitting outside having dinner. At one of the tables on The yasuo jamaican place downtown. Keene comes Jason short the very same officer who was mindless automaton drone threatening people outside of our house wearing a trenchcoat during the raid. That happened here with the fbi salts on people. Yeah yeah very same guy. He was playing mister. Nice guy coming up talking about how much he agrees with us. And how. He's a scumbag. Tell him to shut up walkaway. no i played. I played along. Listen to what he had to say he was acting like. He's all into you. Know he likes to libertarians piece of garbage and he agreed you know he was. He was saying that when he was the police prosecutor he used to actually reduce all the marijuana arrest to a violation. Come just to get them out or compassionate tyrant yeah and but he. He did admit that he would do whatever it is that he was told to do. So he is just a completely agrees with you complete complete tyrant but although the same time agreeing he says he he agrees with us on the vaccination thing and you know blah blah blah so. There's a lot of cops that are against being forced to put something into their veins however they don't have any problem putting you in jail cell. If you decide that you wanna put something in your body that is against some list of things. Some bureaucrats wrote down on a piece of paper somewhere. They are idiots any or they're a danger to society. When i brought this point up to jason he He said oh well. Let's not compare apples and oranges. I can't hear the story anymore. I can't. I can't even thinking about these things believable anymore. I mean the hypocrisy of these people. It's like you said earlier. You know you. You don't know how to feel about this right like i don't know how to feel about it. I wanna say that. I don't think they should be forced to do this. But i wish they would wake the fuck and absent. Damn consistency is not their gain. No one's forced to do any live. Everyone makes her own choices. If you wanna get paid yet go ahead do that horrible thing but you know what's on your conscious now the said if they have more coming up here in moments our threes on the way. This is free talk live. This message is for you if you are a poly-amorous person or you're an opening relationship and you are struggling with jealousy loneliness and communication problems. Hello my name. Is jeremy west. 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The number is six zero three two eight three sixty one sixty six three two eight three six one. Six zero as major cities like chicago and seattle discovered. Maybe losing forty fifty percents of their police forces over these vaccination mandates. That's those are scheduled to shake out within the next few days if not couple weeks. Apparently chicago's deadline is tomorrow. And so this weekend there may be upwards of half of the chicago cops who aren't going to report for duty because they are going to be a no pay Sort of probationary status. You wanna comment on that. You're welcome to with you tonight. It's ian matt in joe plus joe. You found a story about the marijuana. They call it here. Marijuana opportunity reinvestment and expunged act of twenty twenty one getting passed by a house committee in washington dc. Now there's not a lot that you know is very exciting coming out of dc but this might actually be worth talking about. So we'll get into that up here in a bit but going to your phone calls and thoughts. Plus hillary clinton getting heckled out in europe. Apparently we'll talk about that but Epicurious is on the line to start things out here. This hour calling us from manchester new hampshire. Go ahead epicurious. Yeah thanks for taking my call. is one of my go book. Just want to make a book recommendation for folks as a science fiction book. I read here a few years back. And it's got a very interesting theory We're connection between viruses. And he'd been evolution or evolution in general so in our covert the world. We're in now one thing about germs. I thought this would Kinda put people out of their comfort zones little bit and just give another perspective on viruses. it's a book called darwin's radio by Greg bear And i'm not sure. How much is based on fact. But it's pretty interesting. Theory of and in which the ideas that viruses the purpose of viruses in nature are. They're not. They're not bad or evil or even inherently destructive to any species but his theory is that Viruses are communication tool They're they're the purposes to communicate information between different species and also like from one generation of a species to another generation And the idea in the book a couple of characters and the scientists discover an interesting connection between A modern day flu like virus and a virus that they collected samples of from a A homo erectus by there was found by some archaeologists and they basically find out.

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