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You know, breezes, dude, I wanna get Klay Thompson noise machine, dude card. Yup. Just over in the corner of the room just saying random stuff outdoors, you maintain them there and is more children. Click. I don't think there's any. Okay. All right. Just not even it's not even chill so much, Murph. It might it might be like affected. You know, if you're playing basketball, you you feel good if you lost your bad. With the land. All right, Andy badly, dropping this piece right before we get off the air exclusive in the athlete. Giants acknowledge it's finally time to explore moving in the fences at oracle park. And what follows is a very lengthy piece with all sorts of statistical data. I've I haven't had a chance to read the entire things at just dropped a couple of minutes ago. And we were busy talking to Baron Davis. Jim Foley from Wells Fargo, but just a couple of things for you one right out of the gate. They ask BUSTER Posey is oracle park fair. And BUSTER Posey said, no. And then he said can you elaborate and BUSTER said simple question. Simple answer. Brandon belt goes on to say, it depends on what your definition of fair is I'm going Bill Clinton on you. But seriously, if you think it's fair that we should be able to hit twenty to thirty more home runs if we played in another park then. Yeah, it's unfair. But it's not unfair in the respect that there's a lot of outfield out there, and you can get a lot of hits. If you hit the ball two right angles and stuff like that. You can get a lot of extra base hits. But yeah, you're not going to get the home. Runs. You think you might get in another place. So it's fair and unfair in that respect stats that Bagley. Drags.

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