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Entertain especially during this time. It's perfect. Want escape your bedroom walls in quarantine. Absolutely. Exam we sure do and the book is available everywhere you can. You can buy. Download it loops kindled physical whatever however you preferred to read, you can get the way the meltdown. Anywhere you could buy books right now. So go get it go read it Jay. Thank you so much. More, through time guys. All right. That wraps up today's episode of chicks in the office, and like we've been saying each week, we have numerous coming and it is actually coming tomorrow Friday. August. Now I'm getting the date hold on one second August twenty first our new merch we'll be live. So be ready for it. It's really great and really exciting. Love you guys talk to you on Monday. And? You saw. Out You. Mike. Found that. Huh. Thanks. Again. Avenue..

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