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Means Jerry Nadler can spend months of nineteen getting ready for something, whether it's impeachment or not. But it certainly not gonna be pleasant for the president and all those committee chairs in both sides of the hell. We'll habit subpoena power and they're gonna use it. You can see what happened in the hearings with bread common with Cory booker's performance and come la- Harrison's performance. They are raring to go, and they can't wait to get the subpoena power and gel. Meek, I think they're going to play it now. That's necessarily end up well, I mean, we saw back in the eightieth congress back after at the Republicans came into power back and forty six and they blew it because all they did was hold hearings. But I think this time it's different. I think people wanna have some here. He's went some control and Trump and and one thing that's really changed the suburbs, Joe where I grew up right on the Philadelphia's. Yeah, those Chester, Delaware Montgomery. Mury even up in the swing part of the state. They're gonna vote for our town. They are gonna Lehigh valley. They are going to vote democrat for those women candidates for them. I think for those women win, I think that the whole structure of the east coast, what happens is I think two months now people are going to vote the way we all thought they were going to vote in sixteen for Hillary, but they'll be no hill revenge. It'll just be you don't like Trump and I think that's the big challenge. I've got my family was three to two brothers, three, the to Trump this time, it's going to be two to three against Trump. So I think one of my brothers just switched so he lives the chest and bucks county. I tell you, I think the suburbs are going to vote the way they did. They were supposed to vote last time which was anti-trump, but we know Hillary invite your to disturb that pattern. Could be fascinating. We shall say, we all hold back from completely NAS, ticketing, Jeffrey, Goldberg Alaska. The question on the cover of your magazine is democracy dying. I hope not. It is done if we don't take care of it. That's sort of through argument of a lot of the different articles we have in this special issue which is to say, we've lost some of the habits of democracy, and if we don't restore those that we don't refresh in resuscitate democracy and we don't go back in some ways to how the founders viewed the constitution, how the founders view the organization of our government. Then we're in real trouble. There's a great piece. We have an Applebaum about what's happening in Europe and in Europe, history moves in a more circular fashion. People are used to seeing democracy, followed by Tucker, c. followed by some democracy. We're just not used to this cycle because we've been living for very long time in a stable democracy, and we have certain sumptious about the way this country is organized, but Jeff Rosen points out in this issue that that James Madison, if he came back to life today would be horrified by what, but what he would see in the way our businesses conduct. It the hyper partisanship direct emotional appeals by president to to the people gerrymandering all of the rest. We were losing the habits and releasing our early knowledge of what makes democracy viable and sustainable, Jeffrey attrition..

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