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Services, lead, volunteer dentist. Dr Craig Yarborough says no d is necessary. Extractions fillings, and we hope cleanings especially because of the nature of that how much that actually say we also have some limited amount of Luke's nails done some anterior teeth the reason to protect their smiles and make sure they can get jobs also have same day dentures. It's estimated that five million Californians have no dental insurance. They hope to serve nearly two thousand of them today and tomorrow the free clinic runs from five thirty this morning until seven tonight. Again, that's today and tomorrow at the Solano county fairgrounds in Vallejo. Young farmers in the East Bay have a new place to raise their livestock. KCBS has Doug sovereign says in this disconnected digital age kids say that staying in touch with animals, and the earth is more important than ever meet peanut the pig. He's one of the first occupants of the brand new Marissa's hunt agricultural education centre, a youth barn dedicated yesterday at the county fairgrounds. It's a place for kids involved in four h and future farmers of America programs to keep their animals. Peanut is ten year old Ileana Valverde's first foray into farming. It's really big opportunity because if I didn't have this place, then I wouldn't be able to have peanut and. This place. It's really cool. What would life be like without peanut very sad. Unfortunately, Ileana will learn about life without her piglet because after the county fair this summer Pena will either go off to the slaughterhouse or a breeder. Immoral of danville is fifteen she's been raising and showing pigs for four years. So she knows not to get too attached to her poker who's named Friday that can be upsetting by the end of the project. But you take away a lot from it. And learn how to deal with a loss. I guess. Yeah. And you learn a lot overall no one has suffered a greater loss than Charlie hunt for whose daughter this barn is named his ten year old Marissa died in a tragic Tahoe car-crash fifteen years ago, and she was a devoted for each farmer. He hopes other kids will get as much out of this program as she did at working with animals in.

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