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He's Jalen Anthony row down. I'll David Jacoby. Cool. Check in. Centerstage on the Mike and we putting it on wax. It's the new Jacoby. What do we do? We're going to be. Jacoby Jacoby Jacoby did you know twenty five years ago today? What American greatness took place. One of the classic one of the dope is one of the freshest one of the flyest emcees made his debut with an album. Do you know who it was? So it's nine hundred ninety three. So I'm going to guess it is none other than my favorite MC in the world Redman ready novel. What the album. Trump, they'll be no. I listened to time for on my bike. This weekend, the top, not caria. Redman so much as for bringing. That's my tension. I knew I was in a good mood today for some reason, it has nothing to do with the patriots. But if you had to just, I dunno summarize your feeling about yesterday's football. Doing. Do it again. Respect the patriots so bad. I had to fly here today just just a fee around the energy. Just. Edgy Jalen rose. On the road in Detroit supporting the Jalen rose. Leadership academy is always don't forget. You can always go.

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