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Okay, okay, let me set the stage for you. Set the stage. Okay. You're breaking through the door and you're going to shoot two shotgun. It's not like bringing their door. You could be like, you know, stick them up. That could be a good starting line. So you're a bad guy. Sure, maybe. I don't wear a black cap. You're robbing a big thing. You're robbing the place? I could be. So give me give me the stick them up in the cowboy verbiage. Just stick them up. I don't say it hard. Hang them high, cow poke. Yeah, there you go. Yeah. I'm gonna character in real life. I don't need to. How would snazzy McGee in 1845 say this? Let's shoot. I would say something really basic. I'm a basic girl from kinetic and I don't know what she wants. I'm not accountant. I'm a cowgirl, but I'm not. It's like. Well, apparently we're not getting there. I'm not gonna give it to you. Like, listen, you know, we say we're normal people. We just dress up and we shoot cowboy. But if you're gonna dress up like you gotta go full you gotta go full cowgirl. I'm sorry, but if you're shooting cowboy action and you're gonna back it up with an outfit, cowboy hat, some spur, some chaps. How'd you know I have ChapStick? Like I've seen you shoot. I do have chaps. I have the whole outfit, but literally that's like why I started shooting, 'cause I wanna my parents were like, you know, you're gonna start shooting if you want. And I was like, do I get to be in front of people? And they were like, yes, and I was like, sweet. And here I am now on video all the time. So it makes sense. Yeah. But now I started doing that and I won my category and nationals when I was 16 and my mom was like, okay, figure something out to pay for college. Because obviously you like shooting, so like figure it out. So I got into clay target shooting and started doing that, got recruited to one of the top shotgun programs in the country. Shout out. Probably say bee top. Be top out of today when I was there, it was the top chakra program that you wanted to do. Multi national champion. But I think like 15 national championships. I mean, it was a big, it was like the Yukon women's basketball, the shotgun world. And I got started there, shot there for four years for national championships, loved it. And I think I was an English art history major. I never thought about getting in this industry with that. I was going to be an English professor. I was. I was, I was gonna be an English professor. I was gonna teach me. It would put her in front of people. I was gonna read Shakespeare exactly. I was gonna be in front of a whole. I was like, my stage would be my death in front of the doctor. Snazzy McGee. Doctor Smith. But that was my goal. I was like, I'm gonna do that, but then I was like, well, I should probably go to grad school because English and art history degrees don't get you anywhere. So I went to grad school. And I found a program at Georgia southern university where I could teach pistol classes and they pay for my school. So I got a free masters in public administration and which I was also not going to do anything with because who else at this table has a master's in public administration? Do you really? Yes. Yes I do. Okay, I have known KJ since my day one in this industry and I've never known that. Yeah. Okay, well, we learned something. Yeah, me too. Can you just my first friend in this industry guy? I was. I just met a shot show 2020. Right before the world I'm him. Yeah, and now we're here. And now we're here. No, but seriously, I think at that point I was like, all right, I'm stuck in this industry now. I'm like, I love it. I'm not stuck, but I was like, I'm addicted. I drank the Kool-Aid. I love it. I'm here, so I started at American outdoor brands. That's how I met you. I was a gallbladder and crimson trace and all those awesome brands over there. And then I just, you know, it was like I never wanted to be in any other industry. And that's it. You never want to go now. Once you're in, you don't want to go anywhere else. No. I've only known a handful of people that I've actually left the industry. Only to find out in a few years, they're back. Oh yeah, I've talked a lot like talk to a lot of people that maybe I've talked to people that were like school teachers and stuff. And they got into this industry later in life and then they were like, what was I doing? What was that doing in my life? So, yeah. I have decisions. This is the industry I was meant to be in. I love it. Oh, yeah. I love the people I get to hang out with and we get to watch guns getting built every day, just like ten feet away from our desks. I mean, it's freaking awesome. Yeah, it's a very pro two a building here. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, I hope so..

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