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Amy Bobby Brown. Correct you know. I was watching duties masterclasses. There's another Bobby Brown that does make up. There's another Millie Bobby Brown. Who's on stranger things? When are we going to cap out on? Bobby Brown's famous. It's not like John Smith whether or not there. There's so many Bobby Brown's amy. This person plays eleven on stranger things. Crap Millie Bobby Brown correct celebrity chef restaurant tour and host of several food network. Tv shows Bobby. Flay Nice Nice. I watch a little food network now. You know I don't even care anymore but jinx. I told you guys yesterday. I was GONNA ABC Right and they got cancelled and people are going through our stuff. And I was like. Oh that's neat I had a big role on the NFL draft. I'm Ford to guy and they were going to. I was going to do a deal with them now. You got cancelled because they've they're really cutting drive down. But I got a call yesterday that a show that I created is getting along. Look it doesn't it doesn't mean a lot but it's the first show that I created because I have another show too. It's after corona. I'm in I'm done. I'm out like I'm coming out. You're coming after Krona King Dangling or I'm just like you know what I'm just Gonna. I'm done all this. Okay what are you today? Obamacare's nothing okay. We're getting pretty good at quarantining court every day. Never GonNA come out so you're not GonNa do something doing it and I'm going to be anything was done forty. Now you're thinking about Caitlin and find that to be hot forgot about that. She is on me like we were talking last night she was. When do you think you'll run for office? That's I WANNA say it's a concern but it factors into her thinking about the future not an if she wants to be with me or not but it's something to think about so I think it'd be two years five years if I shows don't get picked up and maybe in a year and a half about that moved to Arkansas. Run for office. What would you advise me to do? Amy Go to Arkansas. Run for Senate or for Governor Governor sign or mayor of Mountain Pine Governor Okay. There's one of the three glad you answered that one. Why would you think? Would you want to be a senator? Well they're just they're just different jobs right one is I know living in. Dc represent one of the two people represent your state different federal government state government right. I'm asking which would which would you want right now. Like I haven't even heard you mentioned senator until today. So that's why I guess I'm leaning Governor but the more I think about am I Maybe wouldn't be bad. I mean Obama was senator came president. Yeah young you're young. I'm forty now so How `bout singer up? Don't worry be happy. Here's a hook. Happy all the where they had been. Is that bobby mixed fe? Bobby mcferrin okay this one if you missed this one no more drinks for you during the show ever again. All right singer of the first million selling single. That was called. Splash splash from nine hundred. Fifty eight was taken them. All about Saturday thank you go ahead amy on the talent around. Bobby splash bear. Bobby Bobby Bobby Williams Eddie. Do you know I'm GonNa Guess. Bobby Darin Answers Bobby Darin. Wow serious okay without a good time here. Want you to hear today. Show remember keep ahead on US wibble. That means look around. See people you can help and help them. That's what keeping your head on. Swivel is turned inside. Decide look around you see you see who need your help. But who can help and help them? That's all we're going to say today. Enjoy Thursdays bobby bones? Show here you go guys. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch. At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make.

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