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5 years. Jaw. Yeah, I agree. Where's the line there then? What about lamelo? If I said mobi lamella? Probably say mobley. Now I would say Moby. Yeah. Like mobley still does shit every single night where I'm like, wait, what did he just do? And then I rewind it. I would say, you know, as far as being the number one of a team offensively, the game, as you pointed out, and we've talked about this, it's why Kate went number one. It's why when I asked a bunch of front offices right before it, I was like, look, it comes down to it, you know, K to Evan and every one of them pick K, they go the way our game is played, it's a cave Cunningham league. And it's true. And I'm not saying it's right. I'm not saying maybe hey, maybe you pivot back the other way and give mobley some looks because he can turn and face or whatever. I would say there's still, if I had to be a little critical of mobile, there's still a little choppiness sometimes when I see him getting into his offense or when it's like, okay, this is closed off so now let me think about what I want to do. But then there's other moments where he like jab steps left pivots back, spin, dunks on everybody in traffic and you go holy shit and then he goes back down to the other end and reads the pick and roll perfectly and jumps the passing lane and then he's helping you lead a break. So I don't even like being remotely critical of mobile but on that one with lamelo. Yeah, the more I'm talking about it out loud mobley. I was speaking to Kate, let's do this one. This is fun. This is three guys. Last three number one picks. Zion, Anthony Edwards cade next 5 years. Anthony Edwards. Because it's back to that mentality thing. I like Kate, I defend Kate. Science is probably my single favorite player to watch in league last year, but until further notice once we understand what the hell is actually going on down there, which I'm telling you right now, pelicans fans, or even pelican media members, this is Zion drafted off of the Ben Simmons James Harden bullshit, the Kyrie bullshit. He was able to hang in the back and because we're still talking about somebody with an injury, although we don't really know. I'm not suggesting he's not hurt. We just don't know, because he has not been in communication with the people that he needs to be in communication with. As this story builds in Zion, if he continues to not play and then also was wondering where his max rookie extension is, you will now be at the front of the line of the new drama story in the NBA. Unless it's replaced by a bigger player and a bigger market. But Zion has been able to avoid a lot of the negativity that may be coming his way and has already started to trickle out the last week because he was drafting behind these other bigger stories in bigger markets with bigger names. I was thinking about the Zion thing in the context of like Elway and Eli Manning and whether a guy would ever do that in the NBA or whether they could do that. Going back in time, so I just feel like I don't want to play here. Like, trade the pay. Because what are we doing? We're three years in. He's played 85 games. Yeah, he's been hurt, but we talk about the mentality. Like, I don't know, would he be playing more games if he was playing with the Knicks probably? If he didn't want to go there originally, why do I have to be like, I don't want to go, or like owners in the league, like so afraid that would happen because it would totally ruin small markets and everybody would be up in arms. I'm just interested in why that has never happened, really. It happened with Steve Francis. He didn't want to go Vancouver. That's fair. Okay. Yeah. Like somebody as big as Zion. Yeah, I mean, look, there was the Kobe Lakers deal to, but somebody still could have taken Kobe earlier and that was always the next thing where apparently the nets were just like, if you take them, you know, he's never playing. He's going to go to Italy or whatever. So yeah, you know, it's a good question because I'd imagine it'll happen again at some point. But it's going to be really weird when Zion's like, where's my rookie extension? And he's dealing with one of the cheaper franchises when it comes to ownership. In the NBA. They may be the ones. And by the way, they can wait it all out and say, and we don't need to give you this a year early, just like Phoenix and ayton, the difference is 8 and played and they just came off of finals appearance. All right, next one. All right, three more really quick. Luke versus Giannis. Ah, close, tough, Giannis is everything I would want in a personality is the face of my franchise. So I will go Yanis. Everything. This is people are going to be able to debate for a while. I would go Giannis too. Even though Luke I go, better defensively. Yeah. But the only thing is, who do you trust that the ball at the end of a game? Who do you trust with the ball in their hands? And the answer is Lucas, so I kind of feel like I should go Luca in that situation. I think you can get away with some of Luke is like lackluster defense, whereas like, you know, do I think like, yeah, a lot of things spell the audience's way last year happy when the title, but you know, let's be honest, like they were injuries and things like that. And I'm just trying to be honest. No, it's a very good point. It's really because when you think about ball side, trying to figure out how you're going to play the pick and roll and like, all right, Luca can Luke, it gives me more options than Giannis does. Just because Giannis won last year, this is kind of my Durant, Giannis thing, where I go, okay, but in what world prior to the playoff success, which I guess is part of it, but we're just talking like basketball players standing next to the basketball player. If you saw Durant and Giannis like playing a pickup game separately, and you didn't know who they were, I don't know how you'd ever say like, oh, that Yanis guy is more talented than that Durant guy. I don't even know how you would get to that. And honestly, the only people that argue are from Milwaukee. So all right, next one. All right, two more. SGA jaylen Brown. I thought I was gonna go Jalen here. SGA is younger, is efficiency stats have been terrific. It's sort of a weird deal there in Oklahoma City. He hasn't placed his hands in January this year because of the ankle. Last year with the planner thing, I.

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