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Happens dot com E t O p A 3 40 on this just into the w T O P newsroom, the mother of the late Senator John McCain has died. Roberta McCain was 108 years old John McCain's widow, Cindy, announced the death, saying quote I couldn't have asked for a better role model for a better friend may remember Roberta McCain was in her nineties and was still very active in her son's most recent presidential bid again. Roberta McCain, the mother of the late Senator John McCain, has died at the age of 100 eight's. We'll have more details later on double D T O P 3 41. North Korea warned the U. S and early Christmas gift was coming and over the weekend. They unwrapped it, and experts call it a monster. Yes, it is a monster Ambassador Joe DeTrani, former special envoy from the U. S to the six party talks with North Korea significantly larger than the largest we've seen in the past front from North Korea or from anyone. Well, I would say from anyone, and there are two pieces of bad news that come along with this unveiling based on its size. Action. It could reach the whole of the United States and it can carry multiple nuclear wars. And, yes, U. S intelligence has confirmed North Korea likely does have multiple nuclear weapons. The question now is how to prevent North Korea from using them. J. J Green with Yu ti OPI NEWS GOP at 3 42 Police Reform has been a major issue this year. Of course. Looks like many Maryland residents are backing change. That's the upshot of New Gal Church College poll when it comes to tracking police misconduct cases and making them available to the public 87% of Marylanders surveyed showed support another. 85% said Criminal misconduct charges against police should be investigated by an independent agency. But the pole didn't ask about independent prosecutions. Another 65% view the police in the Black lives matter Movement favorably in just over half. Would like to see less money going toward police and more towards social programs. The pole has a margin of error of about 3%. Melissa L W. T o P News 3 42 As we bring attention to domestic violence this month, one group is often excluded from the discussion. The LGBTQ community, many cases involving LGBTQ relationships go unreported. They're very hesitant to speak and even share what's going on for fear being Discriminated against for not being believed, Dr. Denise McCain, director of the Prince George's County Justice Center, says. For example, When law enforcement goes to the scene of a domestic violence incident involving two gay men, they may not have the training to determine who's Theodry Essere. Both parties are arrested, which means the victim is being re victimized. She urges survivors to seek out organizations that are culturally sensitive. Stephanie gains Bryant w T o P new Do you A kid in your community doing amazing things during these unprecedented times,.

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