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Make you feel my love yeah yes everyone has been covering that song now more recently it's kind of a good way to show off your your vocal prowess let's do it by Dylan Peter Paul Mary side by side on don't think twice when they're due to make you feel my love mayor Bloomberg and come back with some throwback Thursday music trivia which our already in there who played first right of course on the guy who wrote it and I have a gun use the reason that I'm a traveling man now don't saying all right I love it if you like this Ryan you know Todd Snyder artist songwriter the new one was better although I have gained an appreciation for bond I like Bob Dylan Eddie judge vocally he's he's not a singer he's a he's a talk singer you don't talk to their latest don't poke a genius yeah this is better yes now it's still a little a little but Dylan to make you feel my love yeah the harmonies yeah I love it I do like songwriters showcases get to the house love it now guard you even so dance to this at your wedding then the other one news let's take a silo bring it home thank you so pretty all right to throw back Thursday trivia when we come back yeah baby you.

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