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I mean he did the same thing with my colleague were yes and it's but it is it's kind of similar though i mean my colleague we kind of ran with it at the end and ended up winning because he just took over at the road maybe that's the similarities here a little with all when he was doing it with mike hall where i had a pretty good idea of what was going on and i think i was doing a voicemail podcast robert the 'cause i don't think i was recording why blake lost with have yet and i started to brief lead mention you know my read on what jack was saying and you know robert i caused the we're like yeah let's cut that out there because we didn't want to pass the long as hang a spoiler information mmhmm which is also the reason you know i didn't mention it or lowered to power my predictions this season jeff probst just doesn't seem to realize the he's accidentally giving up spoilers the only thing i wish he would stop doing is say like the top five reasons to watch and give you one person's name from the season because this season he said dr mike so i didn't pick dr mike as my original winner picked because of that because i quiz thinking jeff probst isn't that he'd never says one of the five reasons as the winner it someone who was a great character and someone that you will enjoy watching and i do love dr mike and i think he did a phenomenal job but yeah that's one thing that i every time he says unlike uh don't do that.

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