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Is where you work so hard the the mortgage because home is more than four walls and roof porch swing on a summer night pajamas with feet and everybody over for Sunday dinner little stuffed chair in the living room you just can't get rid of this is why you work a second job this is why you learn to fix things yourself so you could see repairs his home is your place your memories family sleeping in their own beds we are making home for a free government resource that can be paying the mortgage and now even more options are available eight eight eight eight nine nine five today eight eight eight nine nine five or visit making home affordable this is why two by the US treasury the council when you were a little kid you thought about what you wanted to be teaching was at the top of your things changed and as you got older teaching didn't seem like the best option in so you think you'll be something else what would your twelve year old cells now you want to be a doctor you don't think teachers save lives twenty five at a time actress a different role every time the bell rings about a scientist ever heard of physics chemistry who do you think teachers the teachers today are breaking down finding innovative ways to instill old lessons and taking learning far beyond the four walls of the classroom it's time to recognize great things are happening in teaching and put it back on your list don't try to convince yourself on the line right the first time find out how you can make more make more brought to you by and the ad council sound coming from what time was that J. Jeff yeah yeah J. talking with Bradley J. WBZ news radio ten thirty four seventeen in the.

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