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A drive by shooting last week the, women's twenty two month, old toddler scheduled. For surgery later this week to remove the. Bullet that still, lodged in his body from the shoulder down his, chest but he's in good hands We all got Shire's of her she's away investigators say they're looking for two men last seen driving away in a. White. Older model sedan the NTSB is pulling that duck boat out of the waters. Of table lake this, morning in Branson they're investigating, wind the boat capsized killing eleven people nine. From, one family well it's downright scary on the coast when all that nasty weather, moved in yesterday That's a video posted on, social media shows the wind blowing down Daytona Beach near the pier one of those, dangerous beach umbrellas goes flying along with the table, and the sand. Was kicking up to as a tourist grab their beach gear and headed for safety and Brevard county a fifty. Mile an hour, wind gusts was reported on the intercoastal as the storm passed. One beachgoers storm came up really fast not giving people a lot of time to get away and in a similar, story beachgoers shaken. Up by horrific scene in ocean city Maryland Sunday, afternoon that's, when a forty. Six year old woman was accidentally impaled in the chest. By a beach unbrella city spokeswoman Jessica. Water says an unintended umbrella was lifted up by a gust of wind one of the most important. Things. You can take away from this never leave member unattended on the beach last. Week a beach umbrella, also pierced a woman's ankle, on the jersey shore shark week celebrating thirty. Years, and they put a very large diver in the cage shack hits shirk week Point a shark squeezed through the bars the case no doubt surprising former basketball star but he's break and he goes back under yeah. They're going to need a bigger boat but just for Shaquille not not necessarily one step on the bow can you see, it it's going to go down that guy that guy is. So big I would be. Afraid like Shaquille stand in the middle of the boat don't. Tip the boat one way or the, other he's just a very large large large man eight oh eight you're listening to, our eight o'clock expanded newsfeed here on news ninety, six point five. WDBO I don't know if you know this but Roseanne Barr has once again released another new statement about why. She got fired, from her ABC show you'll hear it in her words coming. Up in just a moment five day forecast now brought to you by the law offices of hail hail and Jacobson, friends keep those..

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