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With the battery tender on the motorcycle. You know, I find it just with all the craziness that's going on right now. Being able to get in a car and drive. I mean, you're safe. You're isolated. You know you're absolutely socially. Just unless you're tailgating somebody I got being able to just get in the car and take it Take a nice drive. I mean, I think it's one of its one of the last things that you could do that. That could be completely normal. And you don't even need to wear a mask inside your car. Although I do love looking at people on there, like what are you protecting against? How about the ones and how about the ones with the mask and the motorcycle helmet inside the car? That's that's special. That's special. That's a good one. That's a really good one. All right, Barry. Thanks a lot time for you and your retirement to get yourself a classic car and cruise around the country, don't you think? Had a beautiful 67 Camaro. I wish I still had. Well, give us a call. We'll find one for you. Okay. Okay. All right. Thanks for calling. And right now, let's talk to fill in Glen Cove. See what's on his mind, Phil. Good morning, everyone. Fascinating conversation Once again, uh, Collect wanted to ask the coal about what she thinks about employer programs. Tell you what it is. My wife works for a bank and the bank has a relationship with the manufacturer. And they offer if you are Looking to buy a car. They have a pre negotiated price on did I'm just wondering what the cold things if that Z Annoyed ideal thing or is there better deals to be had outside of that? So this room employed her called buying programs in the cold out today work? Well, what a lot of times. It's a great thing. You know what I mean? It's a great starting point. I would definitely explore it. I would see what they offer and then I would be very I would just be careful about the add ons and what happens after the price. So, you know, go in there and say What do you you know? What are you offering? What you're you know what is the financing? What of the leasing deals? It also depends. Who's offering it. What manufacturer? Do you know? Uh, sure. If I could say it's uh, Subaru. Okay, so Subaru, just so you know, I ran Subaru, my own Subaru store for years. Subaru is very interesting thing with smaller company So by nature, they're not as competitive This'd what I mean. So here. Here's a perfect example. We have the sixth employee pricing and I think it's I think it's gonna be. I think it's gonna be a good thing. But Subaru just so you know, really? Is what it is. They don't blow anything out. They don't give massive re but, you know, I mean, there's smaller company. I love it. I love the call. I mean, I like the cars, David. You know, David, I know you like it. I think it's good if you do, and here's the question. Do you want a Subaru? David and I were talking about Subaru's this week. We haven't seen them in many, many in many, many months. And then all of a sudden we had, like five of them in in one week. It's a very interesting conversation. All right, well. Yeah. Here's an interesting deal. But are you looking for a Subaru? Well, it's a fate accompli. Way worried. Done it. I just really wanted to get your feet back on. You know what you thought about those Yes. Are you happy with it? Why would you get yet? Forrester. Great. Good. How did you feel about the deal? I'm sure it was sure it went. Well, I mean, there is a very nice company. You know it is And it is And I gotta tell you, um This was a few years ago because we were actually refugees from the Volkswagen Diesel Gate. So how much? How much cash? Did you walk away with? Uh, that Volkswagen was the, uh, I bought that car is a birthday gift for my wife. And that was the best value. So it turns out that Uh, you know, the Volkswagen that I got was more of what I wanted to call for her, and when it all paired out, she was able to get the car that she wanted. Well, that's what it's very important. That fell. Yeah. The way it all worked out. But there was a whole uh you know, legacy about that whole diesel game. And I got some interesting. I'm sure it was fine because you know there's not that much markup in them. It's all about what happens after the initial pricing. So congratulations. It's a great car, and I'm hoping that you're enjoying it. Enjoy the con. If you have any problems, call us back at 8886927234. Email us at auto lab radio at Gmail dot com. Okay, fellow Good luck. Good luck. Good luck with the car. Thanks. Bye. Bye. Okay. All right, Jeff. You have a transmission tip for us this week, don't you? Do. I actually had an experience with shop this week Guy came in with a beautiful 2016 Chevy and Pala ltz gorgeous interior, Beautiful car. Had gotten stuck in the stone and did some serious damage to the transmission. We Talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but this because he wasn't listening to us three weeks ago, right? That's right. That's right. You know, I have tips in reference to what to do. If you're stuck in a snow. Tell the listeners how much of course not to listen to us. How much did it cost them Not to listen to us Dollar repair on a six speed automatic transmission, You know, very expensive sweetheart of a guy, But he kept asking questions, and I brought up the fact that the air doesn't go through the front grilles and you're not getting cool then that's exactly what happened to this car. It was completely burnt out. The fluids went up to almost 400 degrees. Um And I wanted to give the you know some specifics is toe as to what you should do if you are Find yourself in a situation where you stuck in the snow and try not to cause any damage. When you try to pull out with your vehicle and move forward, Make sure this front steering wheels straight if you cut the wheel left or right. You're just creating more resistance. You need to keep the wheel straight or slightly Viet off. Don't cut the wheel all the way to the left the right and spin the wheels. Keep the vehicle in a low gear and try not to spend. The wheel's second tip is don't go from reverse to drive while the wheel is spinning in the other direction. I've seen people do that. It's in the instantaneous explosion is what we would call it. If you're driving a real wheel drive car, and you're trying to pull out of a situation like that. Keep the front wheel straight. Slightly apply the emergency brake that will literally create both real wheels to spin in low gear and try to creep out of the spot that you're in. If you feel resistance, and you feel that the car can't get out of there, do some more digging. It's uh, it's a very basic and it's It's like making a plan like Nicole was saying about buying the car. We're talking about a plan to see how you're gonna get the car out of the spot that you're stuck in. And it's very easy to do damage. I'd be more than you know, This guy literally came out of pocket with $4000 this week to fix his car and It wasn't a pretty sight. I felt terrible for him. Andre gave him as much information as possible after the fact to help him not create that situation again. But Jeff how How long does The wheels need to spin like that, you know, spin up without the car moving fast before you're actually doing damage, and we're talking about seconds minutes. I mean, you know, within 20 or 30 seconds of the wheels spinning at 60 miles an hour in the vehicle, not moving at all. There's no air coming in through the air condition through the front grill, which is where the A C condenser gets cool. The transmission fluid gets cooled. The radiator gets cooled. You know all the fluids, you know, are all being cooled by that. You know, Russia air that grill and yeah, and if you don't have any air going through the grill, it's It's like putting a fire underneath. You know, you're part of of water. I mean, that's gonna happen very quickly. The number one killers heat. And you're just creating more and more heat. Yeah, even if you don't kill it, if you don't kill it immediately, you heat those seals up. Um, you know, you could have premature failure down the road, You know, you know, couple, it doesn't have to happen right away..

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