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If that copy is wrong or if that cockiest forage or fraudulent than there is obviously going to be a problem uh blot chain is the technology that kind of underlies all this cryptocurrency stuff that everyone's talking about and what it really is is is meant to be a trust list system right and i i see trust less empty and it's also decentralize because it basically works like this instead of one person having one copy of a ludger instead think of it as maybe we've got this whole network of people right in every time a transaction happens stat transaction gets recorded to the ledger but it is get record to one ledger it gets recorded everyone's ledger at the same time in the legers are always sinking ray and so there's not one person with a right or wrong copy everyone has the same copy and it can't really be forged because everyone's copies the same so so that's basically the premise of law she and distributed ludger technology now cryptocurrency is one use case of blushes and and you can really have many different use cases it i can cryptocurrency is just uh you know one of the more popular ones because basically you know back in i think was at two thousand eight two thousand nine uh in anonymous person uh everyone cause them to toe she basically came out with this white paper that introduced this technology and the way the introduced it was through a cryptocurrency and that cryptocurrency as everyone knows today is bitcoin right and so this anonymous person put this thing out into the world aaron slowly slowly slowly it'd be camp began to gain adoption but then when people or reading about it they're like while i'm gonna make white own cryptocurrency and so that's why you have these things called ought coins alternative coins rights so you know um you not only have have bitcoin today you've got things like doj coin and all these other coins to there's a lot of different types of cryptocurrencies through on sandra booze out these this is one thing i've always wondered is green booklet what's his thought me and.

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