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But they let see. they make the playoffs. I because right now. i'm looking at obviously brooklyn milwaukee. Then we got miami philadelphia then. We've got atlanta and boston. That's six new york. The knicks just added kimball walker. They got evan forte. They brought back there it rose. They got Julius randle obviously mitchell roberts and a coach who gets the most out of his teams in the regular season and tom timbo and then i got indiana with the great coach. Rick carlisle a team. That had made the playoffs. Five straight years. I believe before they fell off last year because of the coaching was just a bad situation. They got malcolm broad. Democritus a bonus miles turner cares lavar like the paces are better than the also i'm looking at. I think the bulls will battle with charlotte and washington for the player who i expect the little improvement but my are we really badly with the nets and the bugs come on. Come on. they'll do well to make the playoffs. Got a shot. They'll do well to make the playoffs. I tend to agree. I agree with where you're coming from. I do think they have improved their team but to say that they've improved their team to be the favorite out of the east. I think that's a bit of a reach but listen you. Add the rosen. That's a bit of a coup. You know. I thought that there were some some more better landing spots or more feasible. Places that the rosen could've ended up. I was thinking if it wasn't the lakers. Once that i knew it wasn't lakers might have been the clips. So there were some some situations that could have played out very differently than him ending up in the windy city. Lonzo ball being there. I think that they do have a nice youth movement that they've created..

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