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Didn't really experience it the first time with Harvey but I guess just going outside and seeing people begging for help it was it was really scary at least two people have died about seventeen hundred rescues have taken place in the Houston area a four month LGBTQ issues will draw several democratic presidential candidates to coal college in cedar rapids Iowa tonight Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard are among those expected to participate a flaw in apple's new iOS for iPhone can expose contact details stored without a passcode or biometric identification a cyber security through ZSU reported the bug to apple says the company has known about the flaw since July you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio. another death has been linked to vaping NBC's Kathy park says the number of vaping related illnesses is rising quickly eight confirmed deaths and five hundred thirty probable cases a long illnesses in thirty eight states that's nearly a forty percent increase from last week according to the CDC Amanda's forties died this week in Saint Louis health officials in Missouri claim the man had healthy lung function before you started using E. cigarettes in the spring because of chronic pain issues T. Boone Pickens is being remembered a week after his death during yesterday's memorial service out of Dallas church Texas governor Greg Abbott said the billionaire entrepreneur was bigger than life and bigger than Texas itself when a reporter asked goon one time if he was from Texas or from Oklahoma whose answer was but. this was too big to be confined to just one St Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Pickens touched and inspired plenty of people actor comedian Kevin Hart is out of physical rehab and recuperating back at home hearts suffered a fractured spine in a car crash earlier this month in Malibu he was in the hospital under heavy medication for ten days before beginning physical therapy TMZ reports people close to heart say a physical therapist will be coming to his house heart has said he's grateful to be alive and is still in pain but is handling it without medications today is known as parking day an event celebrated worldwide that re imagines the possibilities of public space you may find it difficult today to find a parking space at a meter as activist architects and other concerned citizens transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks organizers say the event is meant to raise public awareness of the need for more pedestrian friendly spaces in urban areas so as you travel around town looking for a parking space a parking spot may be transformed today into green space to play eat or just relax Paul Perillo reporting and I'm Tom Roberts NBC news radio. the.

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