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Minutes urn after Florida .schemas carrying out Governor the racially Ron DeSantis motivated says attack he has that spoken killed three with the president black targeted of people by at a a historically the dollar gunman. general The black took store university DeSantis shooter says in he's his a own spoken life to minutes Edward Waters University's Zachary Fison and The that shooter the took his own life minutes after The shooting happened around 3 o 'clock Sunday morning outside the Southern Restaurant and Lounge at 3rd and Market Streets. Mayor Craig Greenberg says the city began investigating bar the earlier this summer and it was cited for violations. It has become clear that there are several bar and club operators who are not focused on a safe environment for and residents visitors. Police say there were two to three hundred people in the area at the time of the shooting. The bear is calling for discussions on whether bars in Louisville should be allowed to stay open until 4 a .m. I'm Paul Miles. A crash during a training exercise in Northern Australia has killed three U .S. Marines. Defense officials say 23 Marines were on board the Osprey aircraft when it went down early Sunday on Melville Island north of Darwin. Five other Marines were taken to Darwin Royal Hospital in serious condition. I'm Chris Caragio. For more information, visit WTRF .com. More money is being spent on mental health since the beginning of the pandemic. A study of insurance claims published Friday in JAMA Health Forum found spending jumped 54 percent between March 2020 and August 2022. Teletherapy increasing access to regular visits is one of the reasons credited for spending. the jump in Forty -five percent of mental health visits were for anxiety while a third were for depression. Researchers found that the use of teletherapy has not seen a decline since the pandemic waned. Consumer sentiment is down slightly in August. The University of Michigan's final reading for the month slipped about three percent from July. Worries about the economy and inflation the U However, the long -term outlook for the economy fell about 12 percent this month. The world's biggest tech companies have to follow with sweeping new European law that took effect on Friday. The European Union's Digital Services Act covers everything from social media moderation to targeting advertising and counterfeit goods and e -commerce. It applies to companies including Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, Snapchat, TikTok and many others. The law is aimed at concerns tech critics have raised in recent years including the spread of misinformation and disinformation, potential harm to mental health, particularly for young people a lack of transparency and illegal or fake products on virtual marketplaces. Oakland owner Athletics John Fisher says the team has submitted its application to move. It's now up to all the MLB owners to decide whether the A's will stay in Oakland or move to Las Vegas. Royals and Phillies CEOs John Sherman and John Middleton and Brewers Chairman Mark Anfonazio will review the application and make a recommendation to Commissioner Rob Manfred and MLB's eight -man executive committee. Approval to move a team requires a three -quarters vote of the 30 team owners. Heineken is done in Russia. The Dutch Brewers said recently it's completed its exit from Russia by selling its operations there to Russia's Arnes group for one euro. Heineken announced last March after the invasion of Ukraine that it would stop doing business in Russia. I'm Chris Horacio. And I'm Doug Krisner at Bloomberg World Headquarters in New Let's York. check this hour's top business stories in the markets. Stocks in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland are rallying at this hour after Beijing lowered the stamp duty on stock trades for the first time since 2008. from More Bloomberg's Joanne Wong in Hong Kong. China's Ministry of Finance said it will have the one tenth of one percent levy as of today. The nation has also pledged to slow the pace of initial public offerings. That's among a of slew new measures to woo investors back to its flagging equities market. Regulators have also cut handling fees on stock transactions. They brought a mutual fund managers to increase purchases of their own equity funds and encouraged companies to do more share buybacks. That is Bloomberg's Joanne Wong in Hong Kong. Right now the Hang Seng higher by is two point one percent on the Chinese mainland the CSI 300 better by two point six percent. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is in Beijing today. Her aim is to boost business ties with China. A short while ago she said the U .S. is seeking healthy competition and U .S. policy is not intended to hinder Chinese progress. Raimondo also said the U .S. can work with China on climate change and healthcare but there is no room to compromise or negotiate when it comes to US national security. China Evergrande Group is resuming stock trading today after a 17 month halt. We have more from Bloomberg's Bonnie Yao in Hong Kong. Stock trading resumed after Evergrande posted a 4 .5 billion dollar loss in the first half of the year. The sum adds to its 80 billion dollar of losses from the previous two years. The result highlights Evergrande's struggles during China's housing crisis. We also hear that Evergrande's creditors will vote on the developers offshore debt overhaul today. That is Bloomberg's Bonnie Yao right now. Shares in Evergrande trading lower by 78 % in Hong Kong. And Foxconn Group founder Terry Guo has announced he will run as an in independent Taiwan's January presidential election. We check markets for you throughout the day here on Bloomberg. Right now in Tokyo the Nikkei up 1 .7 %. In Seoul the KOSPI is higher by 0 .01 %. In Sydney the ASX200 is better by around 0 .01 %. U .S. Treasury yields are mixed. The 10 year down nearly a full basis point now at 4 .23 %. Although the two year yield is higher at 5 .08 %. Global news powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. This is Bloomberg. from New York another update on Wall Street in fact records to London UK businesses are feeling the effects of higher prices. To Hong Kong the Hang Seng down about 1 .3 % right now 24 7 business and market news that expands your world view. always nice to see you French finance minister I'm much much more concerned about how things flow out of China. Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio .com. Bloomberg the world is listening. This is Bloomberg Wall Street week. We may not have an overall recession we're having a rolling recession. The economy looks pretty strong at least when it comes to jobs. The financial stories that shape our world. Three major regional bank failures send shockwaves through the banking system. We're all trying to figure out what to make a generative AI. Through the eyes of the most influential businesses. Welcome now Dr. Paul Krugman. Brian Moynihan of Bank of America. Deborah Lehrer of the Paulson Institute. Glenn Hubbard of the

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