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On twenty one nothing lead over the Rangers. Timeout now, you're listening to integrity radio one zero one five FM thirteen thirty AM and online at W. I N T radio dot com. Continues in a moment. None integrity radio w I n t if you're thinking of buying a used vehicle to yourself to shop. Pat O'Brien Chevrolet before you buy. We've got the area's largest selection of cars and trucks all front rise to save you time and money. Our used inventory has every model of car drunk, and we're adding more daily our used vehicles or quality check to ensure you'll be proud of your purchase. More convenient locations. Pat O'Brien Chevrolet near you got a title Bryan Chevrolet time now for adventures episode number twenty one under vendor joining the high William. Marching around keeps you moving linked trend. Muslims can drive on the shoulder. When traffic is slow even stopped getting you to work on time. Your drive to work shouldn't be one lead. The adventures in commuting to us trying league for free. Visit lakefront dot com slash free wheel drive. Hi, I'm Caitlyn Rogers asking you to support my dad, John Rogers to continue as our state Representative. When asking my dad what his role as a state Representative. He said it is to represent everyone. No matter their political party age race, gender or religion. He is our voice in Columbus. And it is his job to create and vote on legislation that is beneficial to Alabama's please vote for my dad state Representative John Rogers paid for by the friends of John Rogers. This is Matt Lynch for judge of the court of appeals, and I have over thirty years of legal experience as a member of the house. I helped write the laws in as judge uphold the law and our constitution qualify. Judges protect our families and keep criminals off our streets net. Lynch's endorsed by value. Voters right to life action coalition in the citizens pack.

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