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Said. He said he was attacked by maga- country. Do you ever hear that? Maybe the only time I've ever agreed with the mayor of Chicago. That's terrible situation. That's an embarrassment. Not only to Chicago that is an embarrassment to our country. That is the president last night Grand Rapids. John. Thank you. So if your call appreciate it. I your show talk radio six eighty WCBS delegate, Nina Mangione joins us right now. From the legislature in good morning, sir. Good morning, Bruce. And I love that clip. What Trump was on fire? On the president. And I just wanted to chime in real quick. I just have a minute update from Annapolis. So obviously yesterday I sorry I missed a little bit of the show yesterday. Of course, the Democrats defy partisan Democrats, right? Overrode the minimum wage. Of course, they overrode the labor Davydov and Labor Day. That's an issue that you know, if there was any partisanship, we would at least be able to get some votes there. But of course, now we had this issue with minimum wage I've got one holiday, but this they made their was a big argument on the floor yesterday. And I just really whether they're well-meaning or not the lack of consideration for the business community. It's I think it's going to be devastating. It's a shame a couple of other little headlines of the Democrats pushed through a public private partnership reform. So for those who get stuck in congestion and traffic, this is when only hurt that department of transportation was so. So far against this Bill yet, they shove that through the, of course, they overrode this. You're familiar with this alcohol tobacco. Yes. In fact, we'll be talking with Peter French. Oh during next week Monday or Tuesday believe about this. Okay. Yes. Well, listen, I I mean, I'm not an expert on this topic. I, but this is and this is going to create more government bureaucracy, another four and a half five million dollars for commission that we already have that doesn't really have any issues or as I know. So there's lots going on course, we just passed a forty eight billion dollar budget, which I voted against it. Increased. Course it pass but increase spending by over four and a half percent. We're heading for a dangerous time. We have the kirwin commission coming up that they're trying to find it just record numbers with no source of how to pay for it. So I wish I had better news out of Annapolis. But it's it's getting pretty bleak down here. Thank you so much for checking in. All right. I I thank you personally. So talk radio six eighty. To park Phil and Sarah, Sarah, good morning. Good morning. What I wanted to talk about was those phone calls like the one you handle this. I got one from the Medicare division of pain. Oh, yes. I get those all the time. Oh, okay. Because they talk about you know, you hear on the radio that the IRS never makes the phone calls or any of that stuff. But nobody's talking about this old people like me trust. When you see the name when they talk about Medicare. But they I reported I reported them to Medicare which says not have second department and all sorts of the federal government, as you know, I got two calls on two different phones on the same day. Well, let me tell you what I do when I received that particular phone call the first thing to do right away as I thanked them for sending a check. And then it killed him. But they've made a mistake in the amount that they were supposed to send me three hundred eighty four dollars. And instead they sent me thirty eight thousand four hundred dollars. Should I go ahead and cash at anyway. Look all you can do these people as play with them. No, just has some fun. But yeah, I'll tell you what we can all assume this if you get a telephone call from somebody purportedly from the government, they don't call. All right. It's not it's a scam. Every single one of these things is just a way of getting into your pocket. When you send me a two hundred dollars, and we'll make sure that that takes care of your deductible. You see, and then whatever the nonsense is there spewing. So I just either that or occasionally I answer with a very thick foreign accent using nonsense words or simply repeat everything that they say hi, this is Kevin. Hi is this Kevin every? Every. Have fun with them. Sarah amuse, myself a whole lot, Sarah. I just. Perfect said, but I you know, if you're if you're an older person, and you're thinking you're talking to Medicare and your husband does have a problem like this. It's scary. Yeah. It is. It is a scam. You spot? It is a scam. Thank you so much for your calls here appreciated. Bruce, Elliott show talk radio six eighty on this Friday free for old Jefferson. Bernie good morning. Good morning, Bruce. I I wanna get a shout out the Beverly, and it's always good to hear Nino. And it's it's ironic. You just use the word scam. Wanna talk about the the big scam the big hoax of climate change. I don't know if you and the listeners know, there's not the drought in California member the big drought. They were having that was from climate change. Remember that guess what it's over? They've been getting a bunch of rain the past couple of months now, I'm baffled by something. And I'm hoping maybe TWA Terrell could call in and explain this or maybe Hillary or Obama could go on TV and explain it. If the drought was caused in the first place by all these greenhouse gases and carbon emissions were putting up into the atmosphere. Well, logically, and there's the problem putting the word lodge for liberals in the same sentence logically. I would expect that route to be continuing and getting worse because we. Putting more and more greenhouse gases and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Every day the drought should be getting worse. And yet the opposite happened. So I'm just hoping maybe TWA can call in and explain how was the drought over now. Well, actually, I can I can help with that. It's pretty simple in California. They have spent I think what is it seventeen million dollars on on cow, but plugs, so that you no longer have called flatulent story about I think I heard these are special filters that have carbon and take a little breeze in them. And so that's that's a California has kind of turned it around on a dime. Like that. They've been listening to the wisdom of Alexandria, all Cossio Cortez, and they took action immediately to make sure that they can dress his problem proved to be quite a windfall for the company that windfall. I guess the company who got the bid, by the way, they happen to be politically connected to Nancy Pelosi. Because they had fitted her mouth with one of those filters some years ago, but it didn't take the so there you have it. I'm glad I could do for you. Thanks for.

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