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Responsible. Regional solutions Mayor jane knows that the challenges of mass and cavs probably better than anyone and this is. It's in her neighborhood. And i will send with her to work toward more. Buy in from cities and towns throughout the region. It's not one communities burden to bear alone. it's obscene reveres. It's not City boston's we have to be together and and work together on that. And she's she's right about that but it can't just be displacement to to another community either and we need real coalition of we need a real regional solution and we need something that's responsible And that's how. I look forward to talking to mayor janey about today. That was revere mayor. Brian regan. He is speaking with acting mayor. Kim genie of boston a little later this afternoon. So let's get some more context on the situation unfolding at that area around massachusetts avenue in melania cast boulevard. Wbz deborah becker was listening in on that conversation with mary. Rigo joins us now. Deb welcome back. Thank you so i'm just going to start by asking you your reactions to what you just heard death. Well i i think he's got a point If if he did in fact learn of this through a voice mail and was not getting consistent information than i think that mirror rigo Certainly has reason to have a lot of questions and a lot of concerns about this proposal. and the you know comparing it to what happened in revere for covert and being able to set up Some sort of emergency services on quick notice. He's right he had partners. He had the state and in this case It doesn't seem to be the same. So i think his concerns are legitimate at the same time There are real problems in that neighborhood of boston. in boston has been trying for a long time to get other communities Involved in to get help and it hasn't Happened at this point. So mary rigo and i didn't discuss this down but the neighborhood around mass and cast recently put a stop to a plan to house people at the vacant best western roundhouse in the area correct. That's right Victory programs had a contract to use two floors of that hotel for up to thirty..

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