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Position four g three to road they had this season to shawn watson news electrify guys yum you forget texans football below brian would like to forget texans football is tom savage of roof off outlook gave up her on the potty start in the first bliss yarrow porn on the poll are you insulted that tom savage is allowed to cash nfl dollars or how about just tom savage wolf i either way you put that in parentheses if you lot flame poll tom savage like gave it we thought the most predictable thing in the sport was still burbs going to be down eight no timeouts needs to go ninety records ninety yards and twelve seconds but it's becoming the most predictable thing in that sport is they're going to be closed late and tom savage going to bleep it up they are going to that the taxes are gonna trust tom savage to take them down the field and that trust will be betrayed every single time is waving his big toe at me it's distracting him regretting my decisions here and items was early art let out there that everything in its short now all right let's do it now so stu god's has the clippers are here they are industrialstrength as they should be uh these right here i could core i could cut cable with this i could i could break into a fortress with these clippers remember the v technique uh the veto techni all use whatever technique i want okay all right i'm gonna do play by play here i commend i i would feel great about this if i were cody either because this count hurried this can hurt as i am suggestion the vita yuko to deeper something i so and scott's is starting strong by taking the scalpel on immediately dropping it so that's that's good our clippers are defined well i thought scalpel will funnier good job my scalpel scalpel so may i for hang okay tiger palm all right the let me know summer let me set the.

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