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On the I heart radio apps let's check in with that Jennifer Jones Lee correctional officer who worked at a state prison in Norco has died shortly after testing positive for Kobe in nineteen the coroner will determine the cause of death June is pride month but the current virus pandemics taking a toll at hundreds of events celebrating the because of gay rights and around southern California today many things are closed at this all happens after the curfew was enacted a curfew is now over in LA county but Beverly hills will once again have a curfew that starts were Beverly hills business district at one o'clock today we'll take a look at a wreck on the five would be can't find this guy next if you're feeling edgy and having a hard time sleeping and boy these days especially over the weekend the I was doing a lot of fun noodling in my head thinking about what's going on let me share with you a way that you might be able to sleep better and that's using CBD hi this is the extract from cannabis out there's no high it's legal you don't need a prescription whatsoever and since it is cannabis there are no FDA is not FDA approved or peer reviewed studies but so many millions of people out there I mean millions of people use.

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