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We are back and we're talking about Bob, Woodward and his new book coming out this coming week talking about the president of the United States eighteen hours of on the record. Interviews and recorded in fact interview so I was really held up holding up quite well. And the. The questions now are coming from some quarters asking whether. Bob Woodward, the journalists longtime Washington Post. Journalists Watergate fame, and many books under his belt now. About several administrations. Should he have come out earlier with with news about some of the statements that the president was making indicating he knew he was downplaying. The threat of the coronavirus or is it okay to save up those pretty juicy tidbits for your book and? So we are we were talking about that in the first half hour with Lisa Scarlatti Longtime Vermont journalist now editor of the Waterbury roundabout. As, well as with with Steve, Terry who a former editor managing editor, the Rutland Herald who is like woodwork has gone on from journalism and has been more recently writing books. and. Lisa had to take. Pet to the vet I guess or something so she had Le-, let's fight the. We haven't able pitcher now coming in in that his David Mendicino is the former head of the journalism department at Saint Michael's college and Colchester now, doing very similar work at Temple University in Philadelphia and David Minhaj. Thank you very much for joining us this morning. Thank you having me? And Steve Area continues with US and so I'm sure have lively conversation of this half hour Steve I was asking you before the break One of the arguments here is that. Bob Woodward. If he had gotten this information out earlier might have saved a few lives. People might have understood that the president was downplaying the corona virus and perhaps taking it more seriously behaved a bit differently, etc.. And one of the one of the key purposes that I think we've all seen this year of public health work is conveying information to the public about how to avoid risk and increase chances of safety and all that good stuff and certainly that's what people like Anthony Fauci Deborah burks the all those folks are all about really professionally. And people are I think pointing the Finger Bob Woodward and saying maybe he should've stepped into that role a little bit as it conveyor. Of Public. Health information to the public. My question is, does that violate the long-standing tradition journalism? The reporters actually need to minimize their own involvement in a story and do they do they need to sort of stand back more just be observers? PUT THAT I to Steve. Sure well, I, mean as I. Started to answer we are in a total different circumstance..

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