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It's actually a full Septet. The date folks and field we could hear the title tune. Listen, don't follow it back. In KZ SC. Mm hmm. Oh, Yeah. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Hmm. Man. Come on. Yeah. Oh, Hmm. Yeah. Huh? You know? Mm. Okay. Mm hmm. Uh oh. Uh huh. Mm hmm. Okay? Yeah. Mm. Mm hmm. And from Max Roach, his quartet He had for a number of years in the seventies with Cecil Bridgewater on Trumpet and Odin Pope on tenor sax phone Calvin Hill on base course. Max on drums. It was Japanese dream from the date. Pictures in a frame. Seated by That's okay tomorrow on trumpet and the composer said Taco Fuji on piano and Raymond Lopez on drums. Autumn sky from the date mantle. Cord in your before last September, 2019 And out tail end of Last year. We're not to records. And as I mentioned earlier on, starting with Adam Rudolph the title tune from focus and field. Straws a lot from the music of Japanese. No. Theater. I believe Sumi can echo on vocal Kowtow and Samson, Stephanie Griffin Viola. Our car through what snobby on various Japanese instruments, including Couldn't she? No boy? No conflict, a Tyco and percussion. Ah! Sarah Sean back on, but soon Ned Rothenberg on Shark watching bass clarinet Ivan Barenboim. On B flat clarinet and Contra el toque. Clarinet, Michael genteel. On various flutes and Adam Rudolph. Plays the drums..

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