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Yes that's why meant i own a what's going on this is true very true is fair chirp out we had with us to be from the games panel we announce a new character for marvel versus camp come in flint yes it is oh it's that karnam a male's no that's lego marvel superheroes that to me yeah you put dimly enough spiderman for marvel versus kept come in flint get our 'self ago i want to those yesterday officially announced spiderman for more resources cap come infinite along with a couple of uh cap come characters mike hagar which i'm very excited about his his job uh nemesis frank west um they did a little spotlight on the mine stone remind jim i can't remember the call them gemstones i think stones most likely wherever uh and then for yeah that was for barber's kept come infinite there's a panel today where they're going to go into some more the story so we'll get you more that info next week gorgeous pool onlinecom slashed fec feed 2017 he'll catch all her life tweets from the panel mostly christine's live tweets the the the one the ones with typos her mind but also gives be a showed alomar footage of comoran action for marvels kearns the galaxy the telltale series episode three will be coming out soon um so that's pretty awesome gamarra's bad asked teaming up with her her dad's thana inner sister nebula yelm uh or is that for games yes all right about house vote to detain gory to talk about the liveaction films panel will get oh yes or eight live action film at d 23 we got an awesome look at moral studios of infinity war um we uh y'all auditor mind we all lesser minds it was some great verge thanos was just like raining stuff down on everyone it's adverse time people see in cinematic universe fan as not sitting down yes which is sort of saunders over to the dollar at the end of.

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