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Eight five nine zero nine five seven are you worried that this will kill the law and it does uh beg the question if we can get this level of success with just this enhanced border enforcement you've heard fr i'm chris cabrera that we could even do a better job with catch and release then why would we want to go through the billions of bunte billions of dollars in expense to build the wall and that seems to be what summer singh will heard of texas the congressman you you uh heard about their said look we can do this much better simply with technology with drones infrared and something that doesn't require a huge multibilliondollar construction contract and sick in fact i think he said it was be about ten percent of the cost of the wall ben is standing by in taylor ben are you worried that this this sets the success could kill the wall now the reason now that the border uh cross angered down it because we have a private then is serious about keeping illegal alien vow they have we build the wall and now we then we won't have to worry about once we get a democratic back in their about allowing illegal alien to start straining back through like they have been credible laugh ten years all of that no question again but win win it doesn't make it for a harder case when you've seen this kind of declined as sixty percent decline in me and chris cabrera said we could be doing even better with conventional means doesn't make it at a much harder sell uh for the estimated twenty five billion to forty billion of may cost to bill that wall no that that's sirris in that area down because we apple prized dan that is serious about in a legal how that one bought all wallet bill then there won't be any question about keeping them out if there's a democrat or republican president and uh in the white house right that it's only effective as long as you have someone in the executive branch willing to give the take the cuffs off the border patrol or the shackles off them and let them go admitted very reasonable point ben lynn is standing by in west bloomfield at one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven haillan hi guy i totally agree.

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