President Obama, Mr. Cool, Larry Sinclair discussed on Sonoma County's Morning News with Pat Kerrigan


On second. On that. He was being heckled. He got heckled. Hold on hold on hold on his being heckled by lefties naturally. And now the left is doing the lefties and their heckling. Hey. All right back to President Obama, former President Obama was that this thing he started speaking. And he's getting all his going crazy about this. And that and and he didn't seem like his old calm cool collected itself. You know, he was always Mr. cool. Right. And that's true. That's something. You've got attributed may never save his unflappable. He doesn't seem unflagging. Ebony shoots with this hand. He didn't see him unflappable at this thing. He's seen kind of wild eyed and crazy and sweaty and spun up and might have been cocaine. I'm not sure we'll ask Larry Sinclair. Nobody will ask Larry Sinclair, but he got heckled by his own people than they shouted him down. And then so he's campaigning for Gillam. Well, CNN is in the crowd. And they find a woman a nice woman, an older woman. She's an African American woman and the reporter is asking. So well did President Trump excuse me? President Obama did his supporting Gillam echina- as Ekka help. You know, you decide your vote for one voter here. This really is personal. We'll Barack Obama's presence in this race in here today influence your vote. I believe it will we picked her randomly out of the crowd. But at the end of our unbelievable night finally asked her name, it sounded strangely familiar strangely. What's your name? My.

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