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Nice? Okay, so let's go onto the African hunt so. What time of the year did you off to Africa? So we were doing this time last year. Actually actually I think I shot my line yesterday last year. So. Yeah, that's right so both you know we're into wearing the sprains and they're and they're gonNA fall. But. It's still you know. Plus thirty high temperatures so we flew over there connected to Frankfurt fourteen hour layover in Frankfurt and then went down to Johannesburg. We got picked up their. Option to fly, but we decided to drive just for the sake of footage seven hours out to the Kalahari Desert and I gotta say down. Their culture is a little bit different. We'll get into that, but It's still pretty Westernized. I'M NOT GONNA. Lie, anybody who's scared or frightened. Go to South Africa, and they look it up and yeah Johannesburg is the per capita murder you know. Place in the world it leaves the whole world per capita murders, but sent an entertainer Calgary or Vancouver. If you go looking for trouble, you'll find it, but if you're smart, and you just stay where you need to be, but we went to them all over there and it looked like West. I'm at the mall, so. No So, what? What did you all hunt in Africa than? We did number of planes game There was myself and my uncle. Actually who back McCreevy show rawhide not a lot more with me He's still quite a bit with your on rifleman and was fortunate. Join me in Africa We did a lot of planes game. Gems Bach Libra Pyla Warthog Sable. What else missing a few, but and then obviously we did We did some dangerous game to and. But I shot a a male line. which was you know always kind of on my dream last never in a million years I think I'd be able to do it, but fortunate enough to to get done with Yuppie and horns. African Safaris there last year. not the not the biggest may not an MGM lion, by any means kind of a phase one maybe face to the kind of I'm not gonNA say score, but they classify my and and phases of their main, so if they get to their shoulder their phase one..

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